Roller coaster of life

Laura is your average girl, who falls in love easily. She gets to parties, and bars, just like any normal person would.
But what is unusual about her, is the way she walk straight in to his heart, and stole it.
Harry styles falls deeply, madly in love with Laura, but something gets in between.
Something would make them regret their lives.
Harry styles gets falls ahead of himself..

Jealousy, fights, drama, love are just small parts of roller coaster of life


8. A/N

Okay, for all of my little pumpkins, I am gonna make a small contest here!!

the three winners will take special edits, and a cover for their story, with an amazing slideshow of their choice.

Just answer the rolling questions:

why did louis signed in  football?

a) charity

b) cause of money

c) feeling bbored 

answer in the comment section!!

the completion ends after 12 hours!!

good luck ;)



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