One Directions Imagines

Tell me in the comments hair color, eye color, height, age, what boy, and what genre.


7. For Ayanna

Imagine #6

I was meeting the boys today and was super nervous. I was getting ready when Harry came upstairs.
"You look fine babe. Stop worrying they'll love you." He said running his fingers through my curly hair. We heard the doorbell ring and we both raced each other to the door. I opened the door and the rest of the boys came jumping each hugging me and kissing me on the cheek. 
"You must be the famous Ayanna we're always hearing Harry talk about." Louis said smirking at Harry. I looked over at him and he was blushing like crazy.  
"That's me." I said blushing. All day they asked me questions, I asked them questions, and I had no idea why I was nervous. At the end of the day when the boys were leaving they were saying how much fun I was and that Harry shouldn't let me go. After they left Harry said,
"You were amazing."
"I know." I said laughing.

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