Boys Like You

Tessa was a quiet girl who kept herself to herself.
But when her mom and dad split up, she is forced to move half way across the country.

And when the dangerous Justin Bieber sets his sights on her
- things go from bad, to worse.

With Justin's enemies after her, will she live to see tomorrow?


4. Chapter Four

The silence is still in effect, as I stand to walk away. But a hand grabbing my wrist causes me to gasp and stop. I wince, looking down to see his hypnotizing eyes burn into mine.

"You alright?" He ask with genuine concern that shocks me.


"Get off." I screech, trying to wiggle free as tears form at the back of my eyes.


"You don't look well. Are. You. All. Right." He questions, his tone demanding and cold.


"You're hurting me." I lowly cry, feeling my tears force their way to the surface spilling down my cheeks.

His eyes widen, looking into mine with a sorrow filled expression as he drops my arm. I rub my wrist and struggle to breathe as a sob hitches at the back of my throat. He looks back to the front, a scowl forming on his face, as everyone's eyes watch him, and me.


"What the fuck are you looking at? Turn the fuck around." He screams and everyone takes notice.


I watch on as everyone turns to the front, and I know I have no one to help me - even David ignores my pleading looks.  His hands reached out and wrap around my waist, forcing me into my chair. I tremble. usually, I wouldn't hesitate to give him a right good slap, but what if what everyone says is true - what if he hurts me? Or something worse.


"You're a psychopath." I gulp, my voice shaky and uneven.

"Thanks darlin'," He smiles a toothy grin and I look at him in disgust.


"That wasn't supposed to be a complement." I mumble under my breath as he chuckles loudly. He's amused?


"Mind sharing this one Justin? She's spunky." Ryan sniggers in my direction and I feel sick, these boys are vulgar.


"You're disgusting." I scowl nervously.

"I. Don't. Share." Justin demands, looking at Ryan, his eyes full of warning and rage.


"I'm not yours to share." I spit. I'm refusing to sit here and be demanded.


"Yet. You will be, trust me. He sounds so sire of himself and its chilling. he scares me.


"Why me?" I whisper, his eyes glued to mine as I feel quite shaken and weak.


"Because," He shrugs, like nothing of it.


"You don't even know me." I flinch as he shuffles forward quivering as his warm thumb brushes over my cheek.


"Oh but I do, Tessa. You're innocent. Mouthy at times, yes. But innocent and I like that." He whispers, a sweet smile twitching at his lips, and in that moment he doesn't look so terrifying, but normal.


He leans over, his lips pressed to my ear as he smirks against my skin. His ex girlfriend is looking directly at me, her eyes warning me, pleading with me. I gulp, his hand is now on my thigh, squeezing it so tightly I can't move.


"Innocence is there to be destroyed. I want to be the person who destroys your innocence Tessa. Destruction is what I do best."


Before I can even think about what he just said, the classroom door is burst open and his eyes snap up.


"Justin. Its Kyle and Jack - They've just attacked Chaz. Come on." A voice screams, and Ryan jumps t his feet fast as lightning. Justin following him.



"Tessa. Are you all right?" David asked gently shaking me.

"What am I going to do?" I breathe out, shaking uncontrollably.


"I don't know." He whispers, terrified as well.


"There's nothing you can do. Your li9fe is about to be ruined and there's nothing you can do about it. You'll just have to sit back and wait until he no longer wants you. And by then it will be too late t go back. Basically you're fucked." Jennifer says looking at me with pure worry and condolence.


She didn't even give me a chance to reply and she gone in a second.

What have I done? Why? I brought this one myself. Why did I have to have a wandering eye? Why did I have to stare at him tis morning.


Great job Tessa. You basically got yourself fucked.




Hope you liked it!

There will be more about Justin and Tessa and Justin's gang in the next chappie!

So don't worry!


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