Jessie is a 17 year old girl who lives in Florida in the USA. She lives with her happily married parents. One day as she is walking down the street to buy milk. Someone takes her in puts her in a van. She gets whacked in the head leaving her unconscious. When she wakes up she cant believe who her kidnappers are!


1. Morning Sunshine

Jessie's P.O.V

I wake up and slam my alarm clock really hard, you might be wondering why im so crabby well 1. Its Monday. 2. Its 5:30 am and 3. I have a test and didn't study all night. I take a quick shower and apply my makeup. I open up my book and have finished studying by 8:00. I get my bag ready and slip my phone in my purse. I put my white skinny jeans on, a black singlet top and a purple hoodie with a white cross in the middle ( jesus cross), my red vans and my locket necklace. I walk out the door and get into my car and drive to school. I put my stuff in my locker and get into my first class. At the end of the day I drive home. I really feel like a hot chocolate. I check the fridge and theres no milk. Urgghhh. I lock up the house and walk to the shop. Just as I come out of the shop its 7:00. I start feeling eyes watching me but I just shake it off. Then suddenly I have 5 people coming. Two grab my legs, another two grab my arms and the last one holds my mouth shut. The run towards a van and chuck me in it with them behind me. Suddenly my vision goes very foggy... Wait, am I kidnapped??

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