the hell called my life

I was fine till you came back into my life. then things went downhill. Now my life is hell because of you and society.
this story is meant to represent hard times in life. its not a fairytale. and most of it is unhappy. the story is based off of a time period of some ones I know life. if you're looking for something unrealistic to make you feel better about the world you're in the wrong place. move on.


1. letting go

Did you really mean it when you said it? I couldnt help but ask.. Said what? He asked bluntly You said you loved me back then. Did you mean it or was that a lie to? I aksed trying to hold back tears. I dont know why I am even talking to him. All it does is make me depressed. He's changed he's the boy I knew back then. Ha. Even then apparently I didn't know him. If I did I would've left him. Yes I meant it.He said softly Bull shit! If you had loved me you wouldn't have left me! Or better yet you wouldn't have slept with katy! I snarled at him. I never slept with her. the look in his eyes is begging me to belIieve him.I cant. He hurt me. I don'know why you called, and frankly I don't care. All I want from you is for you to leave me alone.With that I hung up and deleted his number. I have to move on. I got up from my bed. Something wet hot my hand. A tear. I swiped at my eyes I hadn't realized I was crying. Suddenly it hit me. I fell to the floor, sobing. If I had known this would have happend before I picked up the phone I would've let it go to voice mail. I cant let him get to me like this. I reach between the matresses on my bed and pull ouy the bundle of towel. I unwrap my journal and pull out his last letter to me. I unfold it and read it. One sentence sticks out to me. I know what you're going through and yeah it sucks but when everything goes to shit just know I'm here for you and always will be..... liar. If thats true then where are you now? Where were you when shit hit the fan? Where were you when I started cutting? His leter was filled with nothing but lies meant to make me swoon. And yet I cant make myself get rid of it.I fold it back up and take out all my drawings that were inspired by my feelings for him. These I can get rid of. I walk oit of my room. I tell my mom I'm going out and leave taking my lighter and the drawings with me in my bag. I take my bike and ride it to the river. I slow as I approach my spot. I hop off and lead it through the bushes and drop it on the dirt and walk walk towards the river.
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