The Secret Twin

A story of how I went from being, Lucy the muggle, to being Lily the witch. From having just a little sister, to having a twin brother and a little brother.


1. Who am I?

It was July 24th and school was finally over. I'd just finished my first year of middle school and I was glad. I'd had loads of homes but this was the longest home. Mum always seemed to want us to move. I'd lived here for 3months and all that everyone had, not looked down there noses at me but treated me like some idiot. Being treated like the new kid sucks.I'd just got changed and was looking forward to just sitting down and relaxing. I picked up a book I'd been reading, and had just started reading it when my mum shouted up for me to come down. I assumed my little sister had broken something and I had got the blame (as usual). Slumping downstairs there was a small group of people in the lounge. There was my mum and dad(obviously) but there was also a man, who had jet black hair and was wearing glasses. Next to him was a woman. Since they were quite close together, I assumed they were married. The woman looked beautful, and she had long, ginger hair. When I walked in the woman looked close to tears. "Lucy." I turned around at the mention of my name. There were two men. One looked liked he was in his late twenties, and the other looked like he was i his thirties or maybe fourties. "Lucy, I'm Daniel. This is my friend, Chris." The older one said. "We're with social services." Once he said this, I looked again at my parents. What was going on? "I don't know if you know this, Lucy, but you were adopted at birth. I say adopted, you were only meant to be looked after for a little while, whilst your brother was being treated." Brother? What was this man on about? I only had one sister, and she was younger than me. "I think, you've got the wrong girl, sir. I don't have a brother." Chris, came over to me. He knelt down in that annoying way, when adults try and act like they're our mates. This Chris guy though, he seemed alright. He wasnt talking down to me, just trying to look in my eyes. "Can you just comfirm a few things for us? And if we are wrong we'll leave you alone alright?" Slowly I nodded. "Thats a good girl. So your birthday is in two days, isn't it?" I blushed. I hoped they didn't know that I'd been held back a year. I nodded all the same. Chris looked at Daniel. "Look, Lucy, we know your the same girl that got 'taken' nearly eleven years ago. You-" "Wait! Let me tell her." Mum had cut Daniel off. "Lucy, sweetheart, what they're saying. Its true. The day you were born I had also gone into labour. However, the baby I gave birth to was a stillborn. Me and your father were distraught. Your dad was in the hall and a man, he came out of the room next door. Him and your father got talking. Harry, that was the man, told your father that his wife had given birth to twins. A boy and a girl. The boy however, was very ill. Before they knew what was happening, they had arranged for you to come and live with us. All we knew about you was that your name was Lily. No, ask questions in a bit. (Mum said when I opened my mouth to speak.) Anyway, we agreed to give you back when their son, your brother, was better. But we fell in love with you. We changed your name, moved house, changed everything. That's why it took so long for them to find you. But, we knew you were different, the things you can make happen. These men, they are very special. They come from the same place you do. Luckily, your, your real parents are not going to press charges. They just want you back." I was confused What did Mum mean? And what about the fact that I was apparently from the same place as them? I looked at the couple, still sat on the sofa. I wondered if these were my true parents. I'd never been more confused in my life. As if reading my eyes, the man - Harry - nodded. "Lucy, its only right your returned to them. You can keep in touch with your adoptive family. I'm sure your parents won't mind. Its just a matter of you need to be with your parents. Your real parents." Daniel said. I sat down in the arm chair. This was to much to handle. "Lucy? Do you want to go upstairs and pack whatever you want - or we can just buy you new stuff." The pretty woman said. I shock my head. "I'm not leaving here until I get told what is going on. After getting used to being the 'new' kid you want me to leave again? We've moved so many times already!" I screamed and ran to the garden. I had a special place in every place we had ever lived. I could always get high up in tree's so I'd climb up them usually. I was so good at climbing tree's I could litterally do it in my sleep - I'd wake up at the very top of trees sometimes!


"Lucy? Sweetheart where are you? Daniel and Chris have gone, please come out." My mum called out half an hour later. I'd been playing with the flowers. I was a pretty could magician - I'd discovered that when I was seven years old. Anyway, I could open them and close them with my fist. "Really?" I said, coming out of the tree, sliding down the trunk. "Lucy, I'm sorry we didn't tell you sooner. We just, hoped you would be differnt. They'll explain what that means laer - I'm not sure I truely understand myself. You'll always be our girl and like the man saidm you can keep in touch. Never forget that we love you hunny." She bent down to hug me but I didn't let her. She wanted rid of me, then fine. I wasn't about to let her act like she cared one minute, wanted rid of me the next and then cared again. I ran upstairs and grabbed a rucksack. I chucked some memories in the bag. Mainly things my friends had got me.  I looked around my room. Quickly I picked up my bear. I'd had it with me, since I was born. I loved it - it had an 'L+J' with a heart engraved on it. Mum and Dad - or, Peter and Hannah I guess, since they're not technically my parents, anyway, they told me it stood for my initials - Lucy Janet. With a sigh I shut the door. "Lucy!" My little sister, Rebecca came out of her room. "Where are you going? Mum told me to stay in my room, I heard voices like ages ago but I was to scared to come out. Just in case. Why have you got that bag on your back? Lucy?" Becky looked worried. "Urm, Mum will explain later alright? But urm basically I'm going to a boarding school. I got a schlor ship thing." I said, making it up as I went along. "But, I'll write and phone, if I can." I said. Before I knew it she was hugging me. "I'll miss you. I love you." she said. "You to. Be good." I replied, fighting back the tears. She ran back into her bedroom. When I was in the lounge I said, "I've got what I want. Did you mean, what you said, about buying me new stuff?!" I said this to the woman, who I still didn't know the name of. "Yes, of course we will. We'd best be off. If you want to say your goodbyes?" "I don't know anything about you's! Tell me first. Then I'll go." The couple looked at each other. "Okay. I'm Harry, and this is my wife Ginny. We have two sons. Your twin, James and your younger brother Albus. I wonder if you've heard of the Harry Potter books? (I nodded. "But I've never read them" I said.) Thats alright. Anyway, JK Rowling was a friend of my dads. She asked to write about my life. I agreed,.However, when she did the nineteens years later part at the end, of the last book she put in the bit about Albus and James but I asked for a little girl to be added. Lily. Thats you. I felt like I had to have you in it. Lucy, your a witch." He concluded. "Alright then. I said good bye to Beck upstairs. Bye. I'll call when I can." I said, in the direction of the people I had always assumed were my parents. I didnt know what I was meant to call them now. I went and opened the door waiting for Harry and Ginny. After fifteen minutes they came out of the lounge and to the front door. "Alright then, if your ready? Lets go." Ginny said. I followed them as the lead their way to a car with the number plate 'CHS3N1'. I figured it was pretty cool having a personalised number plate. As I piled into the car I didnt say anything, and for the entire half an hour it took to get to London I stayed quiet, staring out the window, wondering what my new life would entail.

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