The Secret Twin

A story of how I went from being, Lucy the muggle, to being Lily the witch. From having just a little sister, to having a twin brother and a little brother.


3. The head

I woke up at 6. I never got up this early without an alarm, or someone waking me up. With a sigh I got out of bed. Once I’d woken up I could never get back to sleep. I got dressed in a pair of comfy blue jeans and a white top. After spending a few minutes on my hair, I left my room, being careful not to make too much noise. I looked around the silent hallway and saw some steps leading upwards. “May was well work my way from top to bottom.” I whispered to myself, as I climbed up the steps. I was about to open the door when I shuddered. There was something strange about this room. I looked at the door and saw that it said Sirius. I had no idea who that was, but for some reason I felt as though I shouldn’t invade. I knew there was only me, Harry and Ginny here but I figured that Sirius was probably the owner of the house or something. Stepping down, I started working my way down stairs, looking in each room. I left one room because it was locked, but apart from that all the rooms seemed ordinary – they had beds and wardrobes etc. Everything a normal room had. When I reached the last door and opened it I found Harry talking to some weird elf like creature. “Oh, Lily – I didn’t think you’d be awake yet; its only just gone 7.” Harry said when he saw me. “I woke up early. I couldn’t get back to sleep so I figured I would look around the house. Whats this room?” I said, looking around. There were thousands of names all around. “Well, it used to be the Black Family Tree. However, Hermione being the most amazingly smart witch I know managed to change it around. Now, it’s our family. We’re not untied by blood to everyone on the walls – but they are still our family. No-one gets left out. See how there aren’t really many branches? That’s because we put everyone who has ever been there to offer guidance on here – does that make sense?” Harry said. I nodded and then asked two simple questions. “Who’s that? And who’s Sirius?” I said, first indicating to the weird elf like creature and then pointing at the name and picture of ‘Sirius Black’. “Of course, we haven’t introduced you yet. Lily this is Butch. The house elf. He works here because he wishes to – not because we force him. And Sirius. Sirius was my Godfather. He risked his life for my parents and for me. He was one of the bravest me4n I have ever met. His cousin killed him. In return Molly killed her, two years later. Molly is your grandmother but don’t think badly of her. Quite a lot of people unfortunately had to kill people in the Fight for Hogwarts. Did Ginny tell you about Hogwarts?” Harry asked. I nodded. “She told me everything. She mentioned Sirius but didn’t go into to much detail.” Harry chuckled. “She probably wanted me to tell you about him. I’m guessing you saw his room? (I nodded) Yeah, that was his teenager room. He was my fathers bestfriend. Remus was his second best. Actually, thinking about it they were all bestfriends – like me, Ron and Hermione.” Looking at his watch Harry gasped. “Sorry, I’ve got an important meeting. I can stay and delay it if you want? Butch here will make you whatever you want for breakfast.”  I shook my head. “No, you’ve got to go for your meeting. I’ll be fine.” I said as I smiled. Harry returned the smile and went into the lounge. I didn’t know what he was doing so I watched him. Suddenly there was a head in the fire. I screamed and ran back into the picture room. “Lily! Lily, sweetheart open up.” Harry said knockiong on the door. “The, theres a f…f…face in the fire! I said covering my ears and closing my eyes. “Lily, its normal to feel scared. You had no idea. When I said I had a meeting I meant with Molly. We were gonna plan you a party – your coming out party as it were. Lily sweetheart please let me in. I should’ve warned you.” Harry sounded so warm and comforting. But I couldn’t open the door – there was a head in the fire! I heard Ginny coming downstairs, she sounded worried. Harry explained what had happened and quickly Ginny was by the door. “Don’t worry babe, its alright. The head’s gone. I promise.” When she said that the head was gone I opened the door a small amount. Harry was on the phone, but when he saw me he smiled. “I’ll speak to her this way. Don’t worry Lil, we’ll ease you into being a witch.” He said and winked at me. Then he went back to talking to Molly. “Darling.” Ginny said as she hugged me. “Come on. Let’s go out for breakfast. Harry can arrange everything and we’ll be back when its time to go.” She spoke with such a loving tone. I nodded, knowing that we were going into the normal world. This relaxed me immensely. “We’ll buy you your new clothes as well.” I smiled at this. I hadn’t had a shopping trip in ages. Harry pretended to sigh as we left but when he went to give me a hug, rather than push him away like I would’ve done only yesterday, I hugged him back. And then me and Ginny were outside, ready for a shopping trip like no other.

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