bad boys and bad girls

hi my name is (Y/n), and this is a story about how I ran into someone bad. very bad. and fell for them. but I live in the fast lane. and I always have and have no plans on stopping. anytime soon. but when I finally relies I love them. something bad happens. this is the story of my life. - okay this is a green story meaning nothing real bad. in this one;) this is a story iv pretty much thought out but Ideas and suggestions are welcome at any point. I read all comments. and this story is also in your point of view.:) because I know I like those story's. so I thought I would try it.


14. good times

 (y/n) pov

as soon as I opened my eyes I noticed that I was in Jason's room ,but the bed was cold where he had left me alone. and I knew right then that I was not goanna be able to go back to sleep without him. so I got up. that's when I noticed I was now wearing my bra, panties, and one of Jason's shirts ONLY. I blushed at the idea of him changing me. sighing I got up to head downstairs knowing I was never goanna hear the end of it from cattie. I finally had reached the living room. and there sat everyone. everyone that is except Jason. I wonder where he could have run off to so early? huh. guess I'm goanna just have to find out. just then cattie looked away from Justin and noticed me. as soon as she did though she smirked. oh god no. here we go. my eyes got wide knowing what was about to happen. ' hey (y/n) you look good.' I smirked back hiding my fear. ' yeah I know right red is sooo my color.' she walked closer and I walked back weaving my way through the furniture. ' why so nervous (y/n)?' I giggled ' you know why cait now just back away and we can both live through the day un-embarrassed' she giggled too but  shook her head 'no' and on that note my lovely boyfriend decides to walk through the door with more of his friends. I was now in the kitchen and as soon as I heard his voice call for me I pushed cattie away and ran for him laughing so hard I could barley run with her right behind me laughing just as hard. she pulled on Jason's shirt that I was wearing and I screamed I could see Jason now and as he saw me he smirked and shook his head. as I reached him I grabbed onto his upper am and swung my way behind him. still laughing. and even more so now that my action ha caused cattie to let go of his shirt that I was wearing and land on the floor. laughing along with us. Justin came and picked up cattie and I stayed behind Jason for a second more before determining that it was safe now. they looked at us with raised eye brows and when we calmed down Jason asked. ' okay so what exactly was all of.........that! about?' he asked gesturing his hand that wasn't around my waist to where we hand both ran from the kitchen. ' well....' I said not able to finish before another giggle out burst took over me. then cattie spoke ' when we were here alone night I had put on one of Justin's shirts and while we were joking around we fell off the bed and we started joking and one thing led to another and the next our gay friend Ritchie and his boyfriend David had walked in and Justin's shirt had come up so you could see from my stomach down. and I was just going to return the favor.' she said smirking while I just about peed myself from laughter. it was a " you just had to be there kind of thing." Jason looked down at me and smirked. ' I can get her back for that for you if you would like.' he said more than asked I calmed down by now and my eyes had gotten wide. ' no! cattie please say no!' she giggled and shook her head yes and automatically threw me over his shoulder. and smacked my butt. I gasped and smacked his butt back he just looked back at me over his shoulder and smirked then kissed my butt because my panties were showing. I started to kick and yell at him to put me down soon we were in his room and I could no longer hear their laughter. he threw me on the bed and took the shirt that he was wearing off.   I smirked and blushed. but my smirk faded as his grew wider when he looked down at m and said. ' how about a little game baby?' and I instantly knew what he was going to do. oh snap.

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