One direction vampires

One day Bridget goes to a one direction concert and she sees the boys drink a girls blood and she freaks out a little. But when they find her will she live and fall for one of them or will they keep her captive and use her as a food source? Read on to find on......


3. Chapter 3

Niall's POV

When I heard Bridget scream, I ran for her. Her scream came from her room , I tried to open the door but it was locked. Wait, where's Harry? Oh no, I knew we shouldn't of let him say sorry to Bridget. When I see Harry I'm going to hurt him so badly he won't want to be near me again. I used my vampire strength to bust down the door and threw Harry off of her, I called the boys to come in here and help me with Harry and Bridget. When they got here they helped me bring Harry in his room and lock him up and Louis brought Bridget to her bed. We left her rest in peace and set some water next her for when she woke up.

Bridgets POV

I blacked out. I hate it when this happens. I feel like the dark just wants to consume me and keep me with it and I think I'm dead when this happens. I woke up and saw I was in my room and I was sleeping in my bed and I guess they left some water so I drank it all. I was hungry so I decided to go downstairs and get something to eat. 

Hey how are you feeling Bridget? Asked Niall. 

Fine, but I'm really hungry. Do you have anything to eat? I asked. He got up and made me some pancakes. They were awesome!! 

Hey Bridget I was wondering if you would go on a date with me? Niall asked. 

I would love to Niall. I said. Then I gave him a kiss on his cheek and went to sit on the couch. I guess they were watching a movie, so I started to watch it with them. I sat between Zayn and Niall. When the movie was finished it was about 11:00 at night so I decided to go to bed since I was tired from what happened. I wanted to be rested for my date with Niall tomorrow so I tried to fall asleep as fast I could. I fell asleep pretty fast though. Man I hope tomorrow is perfect.

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