One direction vampires

One day Bridget goes to a one direction concert and she sees the boys drink a girls blood and she freaks out a little. But when they find her will she live and fall for one of them or will they keep her captive and use her as a food source? Read on to find on......


5. A/N

Hey guys I bet you thought this was a chapter but it's not sorry. I'm looking for a girlfriend for Zayn,Liam,Louis and Harry. I think Niall is going to be with bridget so he's taken but yea I mite do another contest for there siblings or best friends later . But if you want to be their girlfriend im going to need your

Eye color

Hair color

Who you want to be with

If you are a vampire werewolf or human

Your personality  and that's pretty much it well have fun and I hope you guys get who you want.

Bye my little peaches 😊

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