Your my one and only

This story is about a girl who has bein abused all her life until she finally
Runs away and gets found by Liam payne(not famouse in this story)
Will she stay or will she leave ???read more to find out

Hope you guys like it I have tryed my best to write this as good as possible :)


7. Chapter 7

Lusy p.o.v


We were driving for about an hour already " are we lost?" I asked worried " no we are almost there just 10 more minutes" liam informed me I smiled thank god Im tired of sitting here not knowing where we are going "alright I want you to close your eyes I will take you and don't open them till I tell you okay?" Liam said staring at the road "alright" I said closing my eyes we then stopped and I heard the door closed then I felt my door open I felt liam interwinding our fingers I felt butterflies in my stomach "okay love ready don't open your eyes" liam said tightening his grip on my hand I nodded he guided me "okay open your eyes" he said letting go of my hand I opened my eyes and gasp of what I saw "l...liam I don't know what to say " I said I was so shocked "you don't have to say anything I did this for you "he said tears started streaming down my cheeks he took me to the most beautiful place I've ever seen it had flowers al over the place and a table set up in the middle with two plates and silverwares and we in a roof or something but the view was amazing nobody has ever done this for me does he really like me? "Do you like it?" He asked I gasped again "yes I love it it's amazing" I replied he smiled and took my hand he took me to one of the chairs I sat down and he whistled and a waiter came in liam took a sit "hey Steven can you please bring in the specials" Lima asked the waiter nodded and brought in some sort of plate with a top in top the waiter took of the top and reveled a big plate of spaghetti and meatballs it smelled so good I looked over to liam in surprised he smiled the waiter then put the plate in front of us liam and I thanked him and he left "liam...I.....woah" I couldn't even speak "this is so sweet I have never... No one has ever done this for me "I was so nervous "I LOVE YOU LUSY I really do I fell I love with you from the moment I laid eye on you, you are so beautiful" liam blurted out I just sat there in shoke "liam I love you too your just so perfect to me no mater what anybody says" I said staring up ad kissing him it was weird cuz we weren't even going out "Lusy would you do the honer of being my girlfriend?" I was completely out of words to say I just nodded and started to cry I am an emotional person I cry for nothing sometimes "Lusy why are you crying?" Liam asked worried "I'm sorry it's just all this " I said spinning around he smiled and hugged me "let's eat and then I can take you shopping" he stated I nodded and sat down I at least had about 50 dollars packed so I was good for a couple of stuff "have you seen lady and the tramp ?" He asked "UMM isint it a Disney movie?" I asked I think I knew " yes it is" he smile I nodded yes he took one of the spaghetti strings and put it in his mouth and so did I then noticed why he asked me the question but right when I was about to pull away the string brought us into a kiss I was about to laugh I pulled away and started to laugh he laughed with me we then finished our food and headed back in the car "we are going to a mall not far from here " he said starting the car I nodded my phone started to ring

I saw it was ginger

ME:"hey what's up ginger"

GINGER: "hey girl well I need to hurry and tell

You this before niall comes back

in the room okay so niall asked me out

but I don't know what to say he said I could tthink about it

but I don't know what should I say"

ME: "O MY GOD awww but do you like him?"

GINGER: "yes I do I really do but

I'm not sure if he will be the one

ME: "we'll he's very sweet and I tthink you should but its your desision

GINGER:"okay thanks see ya later

ME: ok bye good luck


Aww ginger and niall that's cute "everything okay?" Liam asked I nodded "ginger and niall niall asked ginger out so yea" I explained liam smiled "awww nialler " liam smiled

we finally got to the mall

ginger's p.o.v


After I took a shower I decided to call Lusy and asked what I should do because I all asked me out I was exited but I didn't really know him except his sweet and funny after I finished talking to Lusy niall came in the room with a towel wrapped around his waist I quickly closed my eyes and turned around "sorry I didn't know you were coming in here ill just go to another room"I said quickly I gathered my stuff and turned around still with my eyes closed I felt arms griped on to my waist "no it's okay stay here with me " I felt him breathing on my neck goosebomops formed all around my body then I felt his lips on my neck I couldint help but moan he smiled "uh niall yes"I said he really knows how to turn me on "yes for what?" He teased he wants me to say it "you know " I said turning around and facing him looking into his bright blue eyes "I would love to go out with you"I added and kissed his lips he kissed back and wraped his arms around my waist I wrapped my arms around his neck we then made out he then pulled away I have a confused look he then looked down which made me look down I saw the towel on the ground and his crotch was just hanging there I started to laugh and back away from him "come on your not scared of a little niall are you" he said getting closer little niall really ? Wow ha this is awkward "who said I was scared if little niall"I teased "oh really then touch him" he said I just stood there whide eyed how am I supposed to do that I mean I like going fast in a relationship but I don't think I can do this yet "umm okay then I will" I said uhh why did I say that I don't want to me and my mouth I never say the right thing he then got closer and I reached out for it with out losing contact in his beautiful eyes I always got lost in them I then felt his erection on my hand I smirked and he got closer making let go and he kissed me he grabbed me and threw me in the bed "umm niall I don't think I'm reay for this yet as much as I like taking thing fast and everything I don't think I'm ready I'm kinda scared I have never done this ?" I said looking up at the ceiling "what if I don't do anything right"? I added he smiled "if your not ready then I won't rush you to it I just thought well never mind I understand I'm sorry for making you do that " he said backing away from me ah man I made him upset "don't be sad I promise when I'm ready it will be awesome and you won't regret it" I said leaving a trail of kisses down his neck "I know I won't but how am I supposed to wait if you keep turning me on like that " he said smiling I smiled and got up from the bed "that's the fun part " I said leaving the room he's so sexy ugh why me though why does he pick me over all those other girls out there Im starting to think he's done this to other girls uh no ginger shut up its not true stop thinking negative thoughts I walked down to the couch and sat there looking at the blank tv screen just thinking about stuff when I saw niall come in and sit next to me "I love you ginger" he said putting his head on my shoulder I didn't know what to say "I you too niall" I responded "have you done things with girls before like you know sex" I blurted out GOSH GIINGER WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SAYING I thought to myself "nope I haven't I have been waiting for the right one "he said turning to me I smiled wait I'm the one? "And who's the right one ?" I asked for details for the one his looking for "we'll she has to have brown hair brown honey eyes and her lips have to taste like straberrys let me give you a hint her name is ginger "he said smiling I blushed "what makers you think I'm the one ?" I laughed he sat up and looked at me seriously "because everytime I'm with you you give me this good feeling like you will always be mine and that you will always be with me I have never felt that before" he said looking into my eyes I looked down and smiled "we'll same here I feel safe with you " I said pulling into a hug he then hugged me back "we'll some of my friends are coming over you will like them there cool liam and Lusy should be coming soon to we are going to watch a movie down in the movie room is that okay with you?" He said kissing my cheek I nodded "it's fine do you want me to make snacks" I said standing up "sure but I'm helping you cuz that's what I do " he said "yeah you will help eat it "I said laughing he smiled and kissed my lips

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