Your my one and only

This story is about a girl who has bein abused all her life until she finally
Runs away and gets found by Liam payne(not famouse in this story)
Will she stay or will she leave ???read more to find out

Hope you guys like it I have tryed my best to write this as good as possible :)


19. chapter 19

ginger's p.o.v

''run'' I demanded liam and lesley ran i punched this woman over and over again 

until she was passed out niall pulled me off of her and we ran out of the house

everyone was already in the car I saw lesley in the back i got in '' lesley what happened?''i asked ''well i was getting a drink and the lady came and picked me up and took me to her car i yelled out for ben but the lady hit me in the face with something hard to shut me up and I passed out i woke up with my hair like this and barely any clothes'' she explained i gasped and pulled her into a long hug 

''this is all my fault if i didn't punch her or did anything this wouldn't have happened im sorry i put us in danger'' lusy said liam stopped the car ''it's not your FAULT lusy it's my fault she cheated on me with my cousin a year ago and i guess i never got over her until i met you and she knew that so she came to threatened me'' liam explained ''so now we just need to watch our backs for her lets go home okay" niall said patting liam's back we arrived home ''lesley do you want me to give you a better haircut and fix you up?'' lusy asked lesley jumped up and down ''yes please'' she said '' can i help?'' i asked ''yeah come on '' lusy said we walked upstairs to the bathroom


lusy p.o.v


we walked into the bathroom ''okay do you have scissors and a brush i have everything else '' i asked ginger she nodded and walked out ''are you okay?'' i asked lesley i feel so bad ''yeah im fine'' she replied giving me the biggest smile ever i smiled ginger walked in with a pair of black scissors and a purple brush ''thanks girl'' i said she handed them to me ''welcome wow im tired I didn't know i had that kind of strength back there '' she said sitting on a chair ''i guess it just comes out when you care so much for the people you love'' lesley said and smiled for a little girl who lived in the woods she is pretty smart and deep ''yea i guess you are right'' ginger kissed her forehead i started to cut her hair it was about a little under her shoulder it use to be all the way to her butt 

''okay how do you like this?'' i said turning her to the mirror

''i love it thanks'' she admitted 

''welcome now go take a shower okay so maybe i can put pink highlights on your hair if mommy says its okay'' i whispered loud enough for ginger to hear ginger smiled ''of coarse'' ginger laughed lesley zoomed out and got some pj's and ran back to the bathroom  ''okay when your done call for us '' i said closing the bathroom door ginger and I waked to the kitchen all the guys were here ''hey everyone'' i said hugging all of them ''so we heard you got a daughter'' zayn said and ginger nodded ''well she calls us mommy and daddy which i think it's weird cuz well you know we are just going out but yeah'' ginger admitted 

''well love maybe we will be more than boyfriend and girlfriend one day '' niall winked at her she blushed i gave her the awww look and she blushed more ''so where is she?"' harry asked ''oh she's taking a shower i promised her i would put some pink highlights on her hair'' i explained ''oh cool im next'' louis teased i smiled  we chatted for about 30 minutes '' MOMMY AUNT LUSY IM DONE'' lesley yelled from upstairs we ran up there and she was sitting in a chair ready for the highlights i took out some gloves and the hair dye ''okay ready'' i asked she nodded happily i started putting highlights into her dirty blonde hair she giggled once in a while saying it tickled ''okay done let me see '' i said turning her around she looked absolutely gorgeous ''cute'' i said ''let me see i wanna see'' she said jumping i turned her to the mirror ''oh its perfect thank you guys'' she thanked me and ginger  '' any time anyways there some friends wanting to see you downstairs do you want to say hello'' ginger asked her she nodded we walked down ''okay guys this is lesley and tell me if you like how i did her hair is it good or not'' i said she came out from behind us the guy smiled ''hi im lesley and my doggy's name is ben his outside'' she smiled i laughed ''hi cutie im zayn'' ''im harry'' ''and im louis'' they intrudused themselves ''are y'all really good friends to mommy and daddy?'' she asked they nodded ''more like family'' harry blurted out ''okay then im calling y'all my uncles is that okay'' she asked they smiled and nodded ''good then do y'all want to see our tree house we just finished '' she said pulling harry's hand with her we all followed outside ben jumped around as lesley ran up the stares ''and this is ben's room'' she explained ''oh ben is the puppy right'' zayn asked ''yea his my best friend'' she said zayn smiled ''then his my best friend too is that okay?'' he asked she smiled ''yeah his everyone's best friend '' she said ''hey baby lesley's room just dried'' liam said wrapping his arms around my waist i turned to look at ginger to tell her but niall was whispering to her i turned to liam and kissed his lips '' I love you '' i said pulling away '' I love you more'' he said kissing my nose ''HEY guys we are going to head home'' liam yelled for everyone to hear ''okay oh and lusy the girls invited us to go shopping and watch a movie tomorrow want to come '' ginger asked '' okay that's fine'' i said we said our goodbye's and left


the car ride was silent i was to busy thinking about life to speak ''liam be honest to me'' i blurted out ''yeah babe what is it'' he said holding my hand and the other hand on the wheel 

''have i been trouble since I came?'' i knew he was going to say no but i want him to be honest ''be honest'' i added he looked at me and back to the road '' lusy the only thing you have been doing is stealing my heart  and sending butterflies in my stomach'' he admitted i smirked  ''oh'' was all i could say then i laughed out of nowhere which made him laugh '' i love you so much '' i said still kinda laughing '' i love you too'' he said we got home ''don't move stay here'' he said getting out of the car i nodded i watched as her unlocked the house door and opened it he came back and opened my door he picked me up bridal style and took me inside he took me to our room and set me down on the room he took my shoes of and then he took my clothes off ''still don't move'' he said ''lia..'' he interrupted me ''shhhh just don't move'' he said and walked to the bathroom he started the water and i could see the stem after about 10 minutes he came back out picked me up and put me in the tub it was a bubble bath striped his clothes of  and came in with me he then got a sponge and washed my back '' liam you didn't have to do this'' i said turning to look at him ''no i did i need to show you I love you and that you are perfect to me'' he smiled and kissed me i was speechless after the bath we slipped into some sweats and watched movies till we fell asleep in each other's arms 


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