Your my one and only

This story is about a girl who has bein abused all her life until she finally
Runs away and gets found by Liam payne(not famouse in this story)
Will she stay or will she leave ???read more to find out

Hope you guys like it I have tryed my best to write this as good as possible :)


18. chapter 18

liam's p.o.v

''don't ever say that again you hear me'' lusy demanded i nodded not having any words to say

soon everybody walked in ''is everyone okay?'' niall asked '' yes just a little accident but im fine'' lusy said not wanting to say what happened '' we should really put something there to cover that hole someone can get hurt'' lusy said pointing at the hole ''oh yea that use to be a way down to another room yeah i guess we have to cover it its dangerous'' niall said i nodded '' LIAM'' i heard my name being called i looked down from the tree house oh shit it's my ex ''hey liam can you come down here i need to talk to you'' she called i faked a smile and walked down to her she was standing by the backdoor ''hey liam'' she said giving me a hug ''uh hi Vanessa''i said pulling away ''who let you in?'' i asked ''well this precious little girl opened the door for me'' she answered ''okay look liam i just wanted to say sorry about everything i did can i have another chance'' she apologized ''no vanessa i will never get back together with you, you cheated on me with my cousin and you said you loved me when it wasn't true plus i found someone way better than you will ever be'' i explained pointing at lusy Vanessa gave me a your going to regret it look i just smiled at her ''there's the door'' i said pointing to the door she rolled her eyes and left without any words i turned around to walk back when i felt two arms wrap around me and pull me they turned me around and smashed there lips on mine i pulled away it was vanessa as I pulled away lusy came and punched her in the stomach as hard as i ever seen her punch vanessa fell hard on the floor ''DIDN'T YOU FUCKING HEAR WHAT HE SAID SLUT ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY OR SOMETHING..............'' i pulled lusy to me before she made things worse ''lusy calm down calm down'' i rubbed her back her breathing slowed down vanessa got up and was holding on to her stomach ''BITCH if anything your the slut here'' she yelled ''what the fuck did you just say'' ginger said getting closer to vanessa ''you heard me she is a SLUT '' vanessa said is she being serious she is going to get beat up badly ''GET OUT BEFORE I BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU'' ginger yelled vanessa ran out of the house ginger was breathing hard and she was red like a tomato her fist was clinched up niall went to her and whispered something which calmed her down i pulled lusy from my chest and stared at her ''are you okay'' i asked she nodded ''i just ... couldn't see that bitch do that '' she said she turned to ginger ''thanks ginger '' she thanked her ginger nodded ''where is lesley?" niall asked then ben started barking like crazy at the fence facing the street '' LESLEY!!!!!'' ginger yelled ''she isn't in the house'' niall said worried i opened the gate and ben ran out barking furiously ''COME ON FOLLOW BEN'' i yelled we all got in my car and followed be he stopped at this small house that looked familiar wait i know who's house this is it's vanessa's house ben smelled the yard and barked more ;;you dont think she is in there right this house looks scary who's house is this?'' lusy asked ''vanessa'' was all i could say before lusy shot out of the car and ran to her door ben behind her we all got out and followed her the door was locked ''it's locked '' lusy whined ''ben barked again and jumped through the window this dog is smart we climbed through the window the house was a mess and it smelled like beer and cigarette lusy just closed her eyes and looked really sick ''lusy what's wrong?'' i whispered ''this smell is making me sick'' she replied i carried her back out of the house ''look stay out here if we don't come back after 20 minutes than call the cops'' she nodded and took her phone out just in case i went back in ''okay let me take care of this y'all hide over there and when i give you a signal jump out '' i explained they hide behind the wall ''vanessa im sorry about what happened come here let's talk'' i said sweetly she came out of her room with one of my old shirts and booty shorts on she looked nothing like lusy looked in my shirt she looked horrible her body was bony and skinny like a skeleton '' you came back for me aww i knew you loved me still'' she said i nodded and gulped hard ''okay im back here now give me the little girl'' i demanded she smirked ''lesley come out here show liam here how pretty you look'' she called out for lesley, lesley came out with half of the hair long and half short there was blood on her face and she was half naked i gasped ''what did you do to her'' i almost yelled lesley started crying '' ..i ..wa..n..t to .g...o hom..e'' lusy cried i nodded and she ran to me hugging me i send niall and ginger a sign they jumped out and tackled vanessa ''run'' ginger said to both of us so we did all i saw was ginger punching vanessa's face over and over again   


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