Your my one and only

This story is about a girl who has bein abused all her life until she finally
Runs away and gets found by Liam payne(not famouse in this story)
Will she stay or will she leave ???read more to find out

Hope you guys like it I have tryed my best to write this as good as possible :)


15. chapter 15

ginger's p.o.v

''well i promise we will take good care of her'' i said with a big grin ''okay good well liam and i are going to go now and finish our date'' lusy said getting up from the couch we both walked to liam and niall who were sitting in the dinning room table talking to lesley ''hey guys what's up?'' lusy said putting her hands on liam's shoulders ''we are just telling lesley story's about when we were her age'' liam smiled ''oh cool well babe do you want to go and finish our date?'' lusy asked liam stood up ''yes lets go ill see you around love'' liam said to lesley ''and bye guys maybe we can come over tomorrow and we can all go eat lunch somewhere?'' he added ''that would be lovely'' i said walking them to the door ''bye see y'all tomorrow'' i waved as they got in the car and drove off i have always loved kids so i guess this was going to be really fun ''hey lesley do you want to go play in the backyard there is a big tree house out there'' i said entering the kitchen ''is it safe?'' i asked niall ''yeah it is i mean i haven't used it in a while but it should still be okay mind if i join?'' he asked i nodded lesley slid her hand into my hand i looked at her ''do you like when people hold your hand?'' i asked her she nodded i smiled niall took us out back and lead us to the tree '' ill go first to check if its safe'' he said going up the ladder and then followed by us it was really big for a tree house i looked at a cabinet that was slightly opened and walked to it i saw a lot of porn magazines ''uhh niall?'' i started to giggle he ran to me ''oh um ha yeah i used to come up here with some friends and look at those give it back im going to have throw this away i don't need them anymore'' he said looking me up and down and licking his lips ''NIALL SHUT UP'' i joked he smiled I walked around to find lesley because i lost her when i was looking at the cabinet ''lesley babe where are you ?'' i yelled for her ''right here new mommy'' she yelled back did she call me new mommy ha well at least she calls me mommy i guess ''oh sorry is it okay if i call you mommy'' she asked while i entered a little place where there was posters and posters of rock bands and other typed of bands ''ye..yeah '' i said almost tripping with something '' i like this room its small and perfect '' she said laying in some old covers and pillows ''oh hey hold on let me wash this'' i said making her get up from the covers they were dirty an had bugs ''hey mommy can we maybe paint this place tomorrow just to have fun'' she asked while looking around ''black kinda gives me the creeps'' she added i nodded ''whatever you want dear'' i said in a motherly way niall came in ''oh god this is a small place i remember this me and a couple of other kids use to come in here and listen to this rock band and sometime we would listen to the beetles it was the only little room that had a plug to plug in the radio and phone chargers'' he smiled ''oh well i don't know if its cool with you but lesley wants to know if we can paint this tree house tomorrow'' i said looking at lesley she was looking at niall ''YES OF COARSE '' he said excitedly ''why so exited?'' i asked giggling '' i have been dieing to paint this place it was creepy all black'' he admitted i smiled lesley yawned 

''are you tired?" niall asked lesley she rubbed her eyes ''yes a little what time is it" she asked ''its about 5 p.m you want to take a nap?'' i asked her she nodded ''okay lets go'' niall said we got back inside ''okay sweaty we are going to the store down the block okay we are going to be gone for about 30 minutes tops okay is that okay?'' niall asked her ''okay that's fine'' she said i took her hand and brought her to her room she jumped on the bed and fell right to sleep ''check her size of clothes'' niall whispered i went and checked '' size 10/12 '' i whispered ''okay lets go'' he whispered and took my hand we walked out side to the car and drove to the store that's cute his gonna buy her clothes i have a closet full of clothes he bought me the second day i was with him we walked in the store ''babe you go get lesley some clothes and ill be right back call me when your done'' he said i nodded and we both walked different directions in the store i walked to the little girl clothes and grabbed a lot of cute tops and some shorts and long jeans i called niall

niall: hello love you ready

ME: yes meet you in the front okay

niall: okay bye

ME : bye

i walked to the front and found niall with a cart full of paint jars there was bright pink bright orange and neon green

''niall i think that's a lot of paint there" i said looking at the paint '' its cool because im gonna paint lesley room bright pink she tolled me she likes pink'' he said i laughed ''okay well lets go pay'' i said after we payed we went and got some taco's and headed home 

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