Your my one and only

This story is about a girl who has bein abused all her life until she finally
Runs away and gets found by Liam payne(not famouse in this story)
Will she stay or will she leave ???read more to find out

Hope you guys like it I have tryed my best to write this as good as possible :)


14. chapter 14

liam's p.o.v

we walked to the entrance and bought wrist bands I turned yo see lusy she had an amusing look on her face i laughed ''what?" she asked i smiled '' oh nothing its just your face i can't believe you have never been to a fair'' i said pulling her close to me we went to one of the biggest roller coaster there ''liam i don't think i can handle this '' she said we were next in line to ride the roller coaster ''come on we will be fine i promise if you get scared you can hold on to me really tight okay'' i said trying to comfort her she nodded we went in to our sits it was me then her and then this little girl next to lusy she looked about 8 or 9''are you ready im scared i hope its fun'' the little girl said to lusy lusy smiled ''don't worry im scared to i have never rode one of these'' she said back to her the little girl frowned ''can i hold your hand '' she asked lusy lusy nodded and grabbed her hand they both closed there eyes as the ride started i giggled and intertwined mine and lusy hands as soon as we went down they both screamed i was just sitting there laughing like crazy the ride was over and they both had big smiles on thee faces ''AGAIN!!!!!'' lusy yelled at me i nodded ''hey by the way my name is Lesley and thank you for holding my hand'' the little girl said hugging lusy ''your welcome but where's your mom?'' she asked bending down to get to her size  lesley whispered in her ear and lusy gasped ''hold on don't move okay '' lusy said getting up and pulling me aside ''liam that girl doesn't have parents she said she ran away from home when she was 8 and shes 9 now'' she said with a worried face i knew what she was thinking ''lusy we can't take her home with us'' i whispered ''no liam she can stay with niall and ginger they both love kids'' she gave me a puppy face i smiled ''but you have to talk to them before we do anything'' i said i didn't feel comfortable doing this ''okay thanks liam'' she said jumping up and down like a child i laughed i saw as she dialed gingers number 

      lusy's p.o.v

i dialed gingers number and it ringed twice before she picked up 

ginger: hello love 

me:hey ginger

ginger:whats up?

me: well we found this kid and she ran away from home she dosen't 

have anywhere to go so maybe i was wondering

would you like to keep her

(i felt like if we were giving away a puppy poor girl)

ginger:..............well lusy i don't know let me ask niall 

me: okay 

(there was silent for about 5 minutes)

ginger: lusy? 

me: yea what he say 

(i crossed my fingers)

ginger : he said.......... yes bring her over here 

me: okay thank so much 

ginger : any time but its kinda weird we are just picking up a random kid from the streets and then keeping her

me: i know but she looks really sweet and cool but if anything happens we can always find another home 

ginger: (she sighed) okay just bring her over 

me: OK bye

with that we hung up ''lesley would you like to live with a family " i asked she jumped up ''yes please im tired of leaving in the woods and eating fruits and food i find on the ground'' she explained oh poor girl liam looked at me and sighed i grabbed the little girls hand and we all went in different rides after a while we got tired and walked back to our car i helped lesley in after we got in the car i noticed liam was quiet the whole time ''so lesley why did you run away?'' i asked trying to break the awkward silence ''my mommy and daddy died in a car accident and i had to go leave with my terrible grandma and cousin i was like a Cinderella to them always doing everything for them EVERYTHING ''she replied i just sighed at least that's all they made her do they didn't rape her liam noticed i was in deep thought about my life o he grabbed my hand and smiled telling me everything is okay i smiled back 

we then arrived to niall's and ginger's house i helped lesley out of the car she opened her mouth to the house she saw apparently she  hasn't seen a house it wasn't that big but it was pretty big for her ''is this where im staying?'' she said holding on to my hand i nodded and liam went and hold on to lesley's other hand ''and whats your name?'' lesley asked liam ''my name is liam sweaty'' he said sweetly i smiled we knocked on the door and ginger answered it she saw the lesley and  she hugged her like if she already knew her ''hey babe my name is ginger and this is niall''she said pointing to niall who was behind her lesley smiled ''hi my name is lesley you are very nice thank you for letting me stay'' lesley said smiling she is really not the shy type i see 

niall went up to her and picked her up and on to his shoulder ''you are welcome you are going to have fun i promise this is going to be awesome'' niall said ''lesley laughed ''hey she is very beautiful what happened to her why did she run away?'' ginger asked i tolled her the story she was upset ''well i promise we will take good care of her'' ginger said with a big grin on her face


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