Sparks Fly

It's Kylie's first year in England, and also at their Highschool. She came from America, so everything is different than what she is used to. She runs into people that end up being her best friends, and some of her worst nightmares. She isn't what would be considered very popular, so when someone comes and takes her under their wing, everything will finally change for her, but is that a good thing? What will her parents think of him? Will his bad boy name rub off on her?


8. I Choose You

 I ran out into the parking lot. "Kylie, wait!" I heard a voice yell after me. I stopped in front of Harry's car, and turned around to face him. "What happened back there?" Harry asked, cornering me by his car so I couldn't run away again. "I don't know. I guess I just didn't want to hurt anyone." I mumbled quietly. Harry clenched his jaw lightly. "Can you tell me?" He finally asked. I looked down at his white converse, and didn't answer. "Is it him?" Harry said, tensing his jaw a little more. I finally looked into his eyes, and shook my head. His eyes widened. "Wait, then it's me?" He asked, not believing me. "Yes. It's you, but I still like Liam, just not in the same way. I really like him and I really don't want to loose him as a friend, and I don't want to come in between you two." I said, looking behind him at the school, where different groups of people were hanging out. "You won't loose Liam. I promise. Do you want me to tell him?" He offered. "No," I immediately started. "If anyone is going to tell him it is going to be me." I said, as worry flushed over my whole body. I was off in my own world, figuring out a way to tell him, while still keeping our friendship alive. Harry snapped me back into reality by hugging me. I was surprised, then relaxed and hugged him back. "Let's get you home." Harry said, opening the passenger car door. I smiled and got in. The drive was pretty quiet, besides the radio. Soon, Harry pulled up to my house. Both of my parents cars were in the driveway, because they were both off today. I sighed, and started getting my stuff together. "Hey wait." Harry said, interrupting me. I stopped tugging at my backpack. "Yeah?" I asked. "So, I know this is on both of our minds, so I'm just going to come out and ask it." Harry started, making my heart skip a beat. "Are we..... you now?" Harry asked. That was the same question that was on my mind. I looked into his green eyes. "Yeah, I think so." I answered without thinking about anything. My words just sank into my brain, making me nervous. "Really?" Harry asked. I nodded. "So..... Can I kiss you, you know, like with you actually wanting to this time?" Harry asked. I could tell he was nervous by the sound of his voice. I nodded slowly. I couldn't believe this was actually happening. This only ever happened in Disney movies. He leaned over, and softly pressed his lips against mine. Within seconds, the kiss grew more passionate. My heart fluttered. It was perfect. We both pulled away at the same time, and I finished getting my things together. I opened the door, and got out. "I'll text you later." Harry said as I closed the car door. I nodded, and started to walk to my door. Harry's car sat there, until I opened the front door. I waved as he drove away. I turned around to see my mum standing there smiling. "That was Harry, wasn't it?" She asked, as I sat my stuff down. "Yep." I said in a higher pitched voice then normal. She just kept smiling at me. I shook it off, and headed upstairs. I was laying on my bed, playing the kiss over and over again in my head, when I got a text message. I rolled over, and expected to see Harry's name pop up on my screen, but instead, :Liam's did. My stomach flipped as I opened the message.

(Liam) " Hey were you ok today?"

"Yeah I'm fine. I don't know what happened with me."

(Liam) "It's fine. so, did you make a decision yet?"

I laid on my bed, staring at the last six words for a while.

 "Yes, I have."

(Liam) "So?"

"Liam, I really like you, and think you are really sweet and funny.... But I chose Harry."

Liam didn't text back for a while, so I texted him again.

"I really do want to be friends with you. Please text me back."

(Liam) "Oh, great. Now I'm friendzoned? What do you even see in that guy. He is a player. All he is going to do is play with your heart, then leave you behind the others."

"Liam, please don't. Let's just be friends, and pretend this didn't even happen."

(Liam) "I can't just forget this, and just pretend it didn't happen."

"Liam please."

(Liam) "I have to go."

I sighed, and threw my phone onto my bed. I felt really bad, but I wasn't going to lie to him.


I woke up at my normal time, and started getting ready for school. This was the last day until winter break, so I was really excited. I put on my red sweater that says, "Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal" from 'Home Alone' and put on my high-waisted white jeans. I put my brown combat boots on, then went to my bathroom to do my hair and make-up. I French braided the top part of my hair, then put the rest in a high ponytail. I put on some red lipstick that matched the sweater I put on some eyeliner and did a cat-eye look, a little mascara, and a slight smoky eye. For jewelry, I put on matching candy cane earrings and necklace. I hurried downstairs to see Harry talking to my mum. I rolled my eyes and smiled. "Am I interrupting anything?" I said playfully. Harry was laughing at something my mum had said. "Nope, nothing at all." He said innocently. I sighed lightly. "Are you ready?" Harry asked, standing up from our table. "Yep." I said grabbing my things. "Bye mum, I'll see you after school." She just smiled and waved. On the way to school, we went through 'Sweater Weather', and tried to evenly split the parts, and make some places for some harmony. Soon we pulled up to the school, and got out. Harry made his way over to my side, and intertwined our fingers as we walked. People just gave us glances down the hall, but I didn't even care. We walked into Homeroom, and Marie was still in my seat so we sat in the same place as yesterday. Halfway through class, Harry leaned over to me. "Hey, tonight my mom has this business party to go to, and I'm aloud to bring a guest. Want to come?" He asked. I looked at him for a minute. "of course!" I answered. "Great. I'll pick you up at 6:30. Dress nice." Harry winked at me. I smiled back, then something crossed my mind. "Wait, I'll have to ask my parents. You know how they are." I said. "Nope. I already asked your mum while you were getting ready. We are good to go." Harry responded, while putting an arm loosely around my chair. Eventually, we made our way to lunch, and Harry was on time. The only seat empty was to my right. "Where is Liam?" I asked anyone. "Oh, he isn't coming today. He is getting the geo teacher to help him out with some class work." Zayn answered. I just nodded. Niall was sitting with Jade again, so I just assumed they made it official. Harry put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed it. I smiled at him, before he kissed me on the cheek, making me blush. "Whoa, what was that?" Niall asked, watching us. "What? Can't I kiss my girlfriend?" Harry answered. "Wait, you guys are dating now?" Jade asked, widening her eyes. We both nodded and smiled at each other. "When did this happen?" Niall asked. "Yesterday after school." Harry said, not missing a beat. "Awe!!! This is so cute. It's about time you found someone Haz!" Eleanor said from the other end of the table. Louis wrapped his arm around El's shoulder and smiled at us. Today was turning out to be the best day I have had at this school so far. Eventually, lunch ended, and we all went our separate ways. I went through my other classes, then made my way to drama, Where we were working on Romeo and Juliet. For today we were just watching a film on it, then later we will get to work with the script a little bit. Everyone in the class got super interested in it, that when the bell rang, everyone, jumped, before getting there stuff to leave. After that, I made my way to the choir room. I looked around and saw Liam in his normal spot. I grabbed my stuff and sat down in the chair next to him. "Why aren't you sitting with your boyfriend?" Liam asked in a harsh tone. "Because you are still my friend, and I'm not just going to cut you off like that." I answered back. He just sighed. We worked on the song a little with all four of us, and we sounded really amazing. Even though Liam was a little out of it. The bell rang, signaling school was over, so we grabbed our stuff, and made our way to Harry's car. After we got in, I just stared out the window. "What's wrong?" Harry asked keeping his eyes on the road. "Nothing, it just kinda feels like Liam is mad at me." I answered. "Don't let it get to you. He is just upset. Just give him a little space. He will be fine." Harry said, rubbing my back with his free hand. We pulled up in front of my house. "Remember. 6:30" Harry said, winking at me as I got out of the car.

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