It all started with one text...

It all starts with one simple text. Mollie, who reckons she is the biggest Directioner going, finally gets to meet her idols she has loved since July 23rd 2010.

(I will be writing in first person, and povs ect :* also don't forget to commentttt)

Enjoyyy (:


9. The Morning After

Niall's POV

Last night went much better than I thought it would go. After I sung her Little Things, we watched 3D Movies and devoured cheese cake and popcorn. Moll fell asleep on the sofa, so I carried her upstairs, as that night I was treating her like a princess. I'm sure she'll be wanting to do it all again tonight! When she wakes up, I'm going to make her favorite breakfast... Pancakes and syrup with a side order of Orange Juice. She is going to love it! 

Mollie's POV

I must have fallen asleep on the Sofa last night and Niall carried me up! How cute!

When I got downstairs, Niall was wearing his joggers and a t-shirt, with a chefs hat on. "Breakfast is served, my darling!" He pulled the chair out from the table and I sat. He served me Pancakes with syrup. My favorite! It then followed with a glass of Pure Orange Juice. Also, my favorite! "Niall, do you know what?" I said. "Yeah, darling?" He replied back. I finished eating what I had in my mouth and drank a mouth full of Orange Juice then I said, "I think I have found my partner, for life. My soul mate. I love you Niall. I didn't think I'd ever get with you, because you're a celebrity and I'm rather ugly. But thank-you for the journey so far, for everything you've done and for supporting me when I'm sad or when I was in hospital. I think you're the most perfect boyfriend I could possibly ask for. Thank-You." I stood up and hugged him. He kissed me. "Mollie, I don't care if I'm a celebrity or I get hate for being in a relationship with you. You're perfect and I'll be telling the fans that when we're ready to release it on Twitter. I love you, Mollie, I also think I have found my soul mate. You're not ugly, Mollie. You are the most beautiful female I have ever laid fine eyes upon.." Niall said to me while I had my arms wrapped around his waist. I sat back down and finished my Pancakes and Syrup and I drunk my Orange Juice. I was so grateful that I had such a caring, perfect and amazing boyfriend. "Niall, this is amazing. Thanks for the breakfast meal!" I carried my plate and glass to the dish washer and placed them in carefully trying not to drop them. When I had loaded it up with all the other plates, dishes and cutlery, I added some Washing Solution and powered it up. I took Niall by the hand and ran into the Living Room. "It's funny Princess, I was going to ask you something. What do you want to do today? I was wondering maybe the Pictures? Or Ice-Skating?" I nodded. "Ice-Skating sounds good honey. Let's go get dressed. I'm wearing thick clothes so if I fall over it won't hurt all as much and plus to warm me up. Can you Ice-Skate Niall?" I said. " I sure can, but I'm not professional, don't worry, haha. Can you?" He said. I nodded wearily. "I think so, I've been twice, so I don't really know!" "I'll help you! Let's go upstairs to get changed now then!" And he carried me upstairs and threw me onto our bed. 

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