My life begins in London (Overload Fanfic)

Karolina has always wanted to be a singer since she was a little girl. The best part after graduating out of high school is that she graduated with her best friend Melissa. Karolina has always been a fangirling over Overload and 21. Melissa uploads a video of Karolina singing the song Titanium by David Guetta and enters the video to a contest. Surprisingly Karolina wins the contest. Karolina and Melissa head to London. A week or two living in London Karolina and Joey fall in love together. Karolina and Melissa go on tour with Overload. Karolina's life seem's so perfect until she has to go back home to America.


2. Morning run.

Karolina's POV


I woke up. With someone's feet in my face. I sat up to see whose feet were on me. My eyes adjusted and I saw Melissa.  I glanced at the clock and it said 4:32am. I decided I needed to go for a run. I crawled over Melissa without waking her up. I changed into some running shorts and a shirt. I shook Melissa by her shoulder. So she would wake up.


"Melissa." I said. Shaking her shoulder again.

"mhmmm." She said.

"I'm gonna go for a run. Okay, I'll be back in half in hour." I said as I tied my hair in a pony tail.

"Okay. Now let me sleep." She said. I grabbed my headphones and disconnected my phone from the charger. I walked into my closet and grabbed my running shoes. I slid them on and walked out of my room. I passed the living room. I noticed my dad was sleeping. I tried to be very quiet as I opened and closed the front door. I put on my headphones in and I turned on the music on my phone. I started to jog out the driveway.


About 15 minutes had passed and I was running around a corner when I bumped into someone that made me fall straight on my ass. The sun wasn't out yet so I couldn't see the guys face that I bumped into. I got up and took out a head phone out of my ear.


"Sorry about that." A British guy said.

"It's okay." I said. Mhmm. He's British. 

"I'm Joey." He said.

"Hi, I'm Karolina." I said. Trying to see his face. Joey had a hoodie on and some sweat pants on. 

"Nice to meet you Karolina. Well I have to go. I'll see you around." He said turning already to leave.

"Wait...Aren't you Joey from the boy band Overload?" I said. Waiting for him to answer me.

"Yeah. I am." He said. Putting his hoodie down and turning back around to face me. As I looked into his eyes. I could not believe this. OMG! Karol keep it together. Stay calm.

"What are you doing here?" I said, coolly.

"Ugh, I was out having a run." He said. Running a hand through his hair.

"No, I mean what are you doing here in Seattle?" I said. Shifting my weight to my left leg. It took him more than a second to answer.

"Well, Ugghh-." He began to speak but he was interrupted by a mob of girls.

"THERE HE IS!" The girls yelled. The girls began to run towards us.

"Hey, I can get you out of here safe. Just run as fast as you can. Stay close to me." I said and began running back home. I heard his footsteps right on my heal. I heard the screaming become more distant. As I saw my house I was relieved. I opened the front door and let Joey inside my house. I closed the door behind me. I was catching my breath when I heard him talk between breaths.


“ so much! That’s.. why I… was running.” He said.

“No problem. But you didn’t answer my question back there.” I said. As soon as I got my breath back.

“Blair sent me and Holly to come get you and your friend.” He said.

“I thought that was in a week? Do you want water or juice?” I said. Walking into the kitchen.

“Can I get some water and Yeah we are leaving in a week. We’re staying at Holly’s grandparent’s house.” He said. Taking the glass of water I served him.

“Oh, okay. I understand. But why were you running around this neighborhood?” I said. Taking a sip of my water.

“I was going to the store with Holly and the fans found us, before we got to the store. So we ran different directions so they wouldn’t catch us both. It’s Holly.” He said as his phone began to ring. He answered the call and began to talk.

“You don’t know where you’re at? Speak slower. Okay, I’ll see if I can get there. Wait I think Karolina can.. Hold on. She’s the girl Blair sent us to pick up.” He said. Looking at me. Handing me his phone.

“Hello?” I said. Speaking into the phone.

“I think I’m lost. I’m at this park that seems to be closed and there are screens everywhere.” She said.

“Okay, stay where you are. Joey and I will be there in a few.” I said.

“Please, hurry those girls where right behind me. They’ll be here any minute.” Holly said. She hung up and I ran towards my room to find Melissa on my laptop. She had a towel on her head. She must have taken a shower.

“Can I borrow your car?” I said.

“Yeah, where you going?” Melissa said. Tossing me her car keys.

“I’ll tell you later when I come back.” And with that I ran back into the kitchen.


“Lets go.” I told Joey. We ran outside and got into Melissa’s car. I started to drive to the Old park that was a few blocks down the street. As I pulled to the side of the rode I saw this girl with blonde hair sitting on a bench. Joey had got off and ran to go get her. They both got in the car as I heard screaming coming from behind us. I stepped on the gas pedal and drove off. I pulled into my driveway a few minutes later.

“So where do you want me to drop you off?” I said.


“It’s fine here. Let me call my grandmother and thanks again. I owe you one Karolina.” Holly said as she began dialing a number on her phone. Her grandmother told Holly she would get here In a couple of minutes. We went inside my house as we waited for Holly’s grandmother.

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