Maybe it was meant to be

This is a story about a girl named Crystal and her bestfriend Makenzie (Mak).There just ordinary 17 year old girls who live in California and go to Bridgeway Highschool.Mak is a hug fan of One Direction and one night she goes to one of there concerts begging Crystal to go with her.Crystal isn't really a fan of them.She likes there music but she doesn't fangirl over them 25/7 like Mak sometimes does.She ends up going to the concert with Mak and after the concert ends they end up stay loosing Maks bag and having to go bac inside.Will the security guards let them back in? Maybe they'll end up meeting the boys inside...who knows?

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1. Morning

First Chapter!

I really hope you like this chapter!There won't be that much authors notes from me but yeah :D Enjoy!!


Crystal's POV

I woke up with a wet slobbery feeling on my cheek, rubbing it off with the back of my hand then felt something heavy come up onto my bed.I opened my eyes to see my Golden retriever Leeroy right inront of me waving his tail back and forth.

"Leeroy down now!" I kinda yelled pointing off the bed.He ignored me cuddled up to my side and whined just a little.I groaned.

"Your hard-headed." I said patting him on his head laughing.

I looked over to my nightstand and grabbed my phone looking at the time, 10:30 am.It was a saturday so I didn't have school.I typed in my password and checked my messages.11 from Makenzie,3 from my mom, and 1 from my Dad.Of course I checked Mak's first.


I groaned remembering today was that dumb concert.I don't wanna go and I'm not gonna.She can't make me.

'Crystal wake up you lazy bum!'

'Dude its almost 9 WAKE UP!'

'Crys if you don't wake up i'll come to your house and poor cold water on you'

'Wakey wakey'




'Omg your such a lazy ass'

'Seriously you need to wake up'

Before I could read the last message my phone started buzzing and I saw that she was calling -.- I picked up rolling my eyes.

"Hello?" I said not so excitedly.

"Crystal! Your up finally! I'm coming over right now! Bye!"

I sighed and hung up the phone.Mak can be to perky sometimes.I rolled out of bed and looks back seeing that Leeroy as asleep.He does nothing but sleep..and eat.I didn't bother looking at my Mom or Dads messages, they were probably telling me that they left for work and blah blah blah.Doesn't matter there always gone.

I walked into my bathroom looking at myself in the mirror.My hair was all tangled and I can just tell you now I looked like a hobo on the streets.No affense to hobo's or anything.I decided to take a shower and wash my hair and all that other stuff.

It took me about ah 28 minutes in there.I turned of the nob and got out wrapping myself up with a towel then doing the same to my hair.I went over to the sink and brushed my teeth then I walked out into my room to my closet looking for something to wear.I was going through my clothes when Mak came rushing through the door.I jumped in my spot a little not exspecting anyone to come in.She scared me a little.

"Makenzie don't ever do that agian! You scared me!" I said looking at her.She shrugged and sat on my bed petting Leeroy.

"Are you ready for the concert tonight?!" She said excitedly smiling.

"Do I have to go?" I whined while getting out a crop top and some white denim shorts throwing them on the bed.

"Yes you do I don't want to go alone" She said shaking her head.I sighed.

"What time is it?" I asked walking to my dresser getting out my bra and underwear.

"We have to be there by 6:30 then it starts at 8:15!"

I rolled my eyes and got dressed.I walked back into my bathroom and blow dryed my hair then straightened it.I put on some black converse.

"You look great!" She said looking at me up and down.

"Thanks" I laughed out.

"I really don't wanna wait around all day so you wanna go to the beach and walk around for a bit then we can amybe go get some Froyo?" Mak said standing up.

I shrugged and grabbed my phone.

"Oh come on!" She grabbed my arm and dragged me down the stairs and out the door too the car.

"Makenziee" I whined while she walked to her side of the car.

"Get in." She said while she got in on her side.I opened the car door got in and buckled.




Okay so that was the first chapter! Sorry it was so short, ther ill be longer chapters I promise! I hope you liked it! Make sure to Like,Comment, and Share if you'd like! Thanks! (: xx

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