The Person You Are (Marcel Fan Fic)

Marcel is just a nerd. Right?


9. 9

~Georgia's POV~

"What?" I asked. He smiled confidently, "A strip tease. Loser gives winner a strip tease." He repeated.

My cheeks flared red, suddenly I was no confident flirt. "Um I don't know." I said staring at my sneakers.

He walked up to me and tilted my chin to meet his eyes, "Believe me, you have nothing to be shy about." He said his fingers grazing my waist.

I shrugged, "Why are you so certain I'll lose?" I teased turning around and grabbing a bowling ball.

I focused on the pins ahead of me and tried to line my swing with the arrows on the floor.

I threw my hands up, "STRIKE!" I said. "I like this bet we've made Styles." I winked sitting down letting him take his turn.


Harry's last bowl. If he didn't get a strike, I would win and HE would give ME a strip tease. 

"No pressure." I said, his back towards me. He turned half way and I saw a smirk on his face.

Raising his arm behind him he slowly walked up to the line and realised the ball. 

Slowly it rolled down and hit the pins. Knocking them all down. BUT ONE.

"YES! I WON!" I said jumping up and down. I stopped realizing I wasn't being a good sport. But hey, he thought I would lose.

His head hung low as he walked up to me. "2 out of 3?" He asked. I laughed, "No way curly!" He grabbed my waist pulling me closer to where our noses were inches apart.

"I prefer Harry love." He said. His hand on the small of my back made goosebumps rise all over my skin.

"OK." I said out of breath, our intense eye contact made the whole rest of the world disapear. 

He intertwined our fingers and we returned our shoes. "What now?" I asked. 

He chuckled, "Well, we haven't had any dinner. So how about we go to my house and I'll whip you up some food?"

I bit my lip, "Um, OK." I was slightly nervous going over to his house. 'Cause I know one thing leads to another. 


We pulled up to the familiar house I had been to before when Harry had brought me to his after Eric knocked me out. 

We walked in and it was as beautiful as I had remembered. Family photo's were everywhere as well as beautiful art work hung up on the walls.

I sat down at the counter to watch Harry cook. "What are you going to make?" I asked. 

"It's a surprise..." Harry said roaming around the kitchen for his supplies. I smiled, he loves to tease me. 

I watched him pull out a box of noodles, some sauce, cheese, and chicken? "Harry you can make chicken parmesan?" I asked. 

"Yes, and steak, and lobster. You have no idea what I can do." He winked making me think he meant that in more ways then one. 

I stared at the floor my cheeks on fire and I heard a low chuckle. 

After we ate it was a little awkward. Harry picked up our plates and put them in the sink. 

I put our glasses in the dishwasher and looked at Harry like 'What now?'.

He came up to me and snaked his arm around me bringing us close to where there was no space inbetween.

"I think I know what we should do." He said smirking. "What?" I asked. He laced his fingers through mine and led me upstairs. 


"We had a bet did we not?" He said once we reached what I assumed was his room. He opened the door and I was right.  

I looked around, it hadn't changed since last time.I felt fingers curl around my chin and turn my head.

"My room is nice, but the real view is right here babe." I blushed again. "I love making you blush." he added.

He pushed me back slightly till I sat on the bed. "Now just watch." he ordered. I didn't plan on doing anything else.

He stepped back a couple feet and slowly peeled off his white shirt. I bit my lip as my eyes ran up and down his chest and studied every tattoo he had. 

I watched his biceps as they flexed when he tossed his shirt on a nearby chair.

Next his hands went for his belt, then he paused and a wild smirk plastered on his face. He came up to me and took my hands in his and placed them on his belt.

"Help me." he said. It wasn't a question.

I was hesitant but slowly I undid his belt and pulled it from his jeans. I unbuttoned his pants revealing the full marks of his V line.

"Fuck Georgia..." he breathed. I grazed my fingers against the lines and then moved them up his abs. 

I hadn't realized I had stood up to feel him till I was eye to eye with him. All of a sudden I felt the weight of my coat be removed.

Harry started kissing my jaw line and then down my neck. "I want you so bad." He groaned. I took his face in my hands and kissed his lips.

"Then have me." 

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