The Person You Are (Marcel Fan Fic)

Marcel is just a nerd. Right?


6. 6

"Look I'm really sorry! But did you forget you have a tournament in 20 minutes?!" Rick hissed.

I slapped my forehead, "Damn! I did forget, I'll go but I can't just leave, I have to go tell her-"

Rick shook his head and shoved me in his car. "We don't have time for that!"

~Georgia's POV~

My fingers drummed the table. Where was Marcel? My stomach rumbled reminding me of my hunger.

I decided to go look for him.

I found the hotdog station but no Marcel. Sighing in frustration I walked to the front of the line.

"Excuse me?" I said the teenager.

"Have you seen my friend, slicked back hair, big glasses, sweater vest?" I asked. Everyone stared at me for cutting burning holes in my back.

He shook his head, "Sorry, haven't seen him. NEXT!"

I walked around the whole rink and finally sat on a bench with no luck. 

Hot tears spilled down my face, did he just leave? He ditched me? Why would he do that?

Who asks a girl on a date and then ditches them? I wiped away my tears with my shaking hands.

*DONT DROP THAT DUN DU DAH AYE DONT*- I reached for my phone in my purse.

"Georgia!! Did you forget about me?!" Marcus' voice yelled on the other line.
"I'm coming!" 

I took a cab back home and tried not to think about Marcel. But the whole night was on replay in my head, I thought we were having fun. Enjoying each other.

Guess I was wrong.

Marcus hurried into the car and threw his duffle bag in the back. "Let's go!"

I swiftly pulled out of our driveway, I tried to keep myself together. But it hurt Marcus didn't even notice my discomfort.

We walked into the arena and Marcus handed me a piece of paper. "Ticket." he said,

I found my seat and I noticed a familiar face standing beside it. "Cassie!" I yelled.

She turned around and had a worried look on her face..? 

She smiled and waved, I gave her a small hug. "What are you doing here?" she asked.

"My brother is in the tournamet!" I said, we were yelling over the crowd. 

"Oh! What's his name?" 

"Marcus Mitchell!" Some color in her face drained. "Really?" she asked sounding nervous. I nodded. 

I decided to ignore her odd behavior, "Yeah, so you enjoy boxing?" 

She nodded, "It's a family thing." Was all she said. All of a sudden the lights went out.

I got scared when every voice started screaming. The thrill was just as exciting as it was intimidating. 

We were very close to the ring. I was clapping and yelling and notcied that it was actually fun to just scream.

A small man appeared in the center of the ring. A bright spot light on him was the only light burning.


The crowd erupted in screams and hollers.

"OUR FIRST PAIR WILL BE DAVID HAMPTON AND ZAYN MALIK!" He yelled, as the same time, a couple more lights popped on and two teenage boys appereard.

One had olive skin and black hair with lots of tattoos. He was very built and I already bet he would win.

The other guy had brown hair, pale skin and no tattoos and I assumed he was David. He didn't look like a Zayn what so ever.

The small man removed himself from the ring and a bell rang. 

"GO ZAYN!" Cassie yelled. "You know him?" I asked. She nodded, "He's a friend!" 

The fight lasted about 20 mins and as I predicted, Zayn won. Him winning meant he had a shot in the Championship.

They both looked exhausted and I wondered what about this Marcus found appealing.

"Hey, you wanna go get some drinks and nachos?" Cassie asked. I shook my head, "I want to see if Marcus is next!"

She shook her head, "Nah! He's probably later, come on! I'm hungry." she lightly pulled on my arm but I slipped out of her grip. 


My legs went numb, I laid eyes on a very tall boy, with tattoos all over him. His brown slightly curly hair was in a quiff and his body ripped with muscles. 


But, Harry? 

I'm so confused, and as I analyzed Harry's face hearing Marcus' last name, so was he.

I looked at Cassie who seemed desprate. "I'm s-sorry Georgia." she said.

Harry seemed unsure, I think he was debating whether he should beat my brother up or not.


A bell rung and I screamed, and not like I had been the whole night.

I felt scared for Marucs, mainly because Marcel, erm Harry was undeafted. 

The boys put up their fists in front of their faces, and walked closer to meet each other.

"Georgia, I don't think you need to watch this." Cassie whispered into my ear. 

I shook my head, "No, I'm not leaving." 

Marcus took a swing at Harry, but missed because Harry ran into Marcus' stomach. 

Shoving him against the wall, Harry gave Marcus multiple blows. I hadn't noticed I was crying till my vision started blurring.

In 10 minutes, Marcus was out cold, and Harry had won. 

I felt so decieved, even though I was expecting something more out of Marcel. Not this.

The small little man came back and lifted Harry's hand declaring the winner. Harry's eyes seemed to search the crowd and they found me.

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