The Person You Are (Marcel Fan Fic)

Marcel is just a nerd. Right?


18. 18

Surprisingly my parents didn't kill me for spending the night at Harry's. But they did make crystal clear that it would not happen again. 

I was breaking rules, becoming bolder, and felt a hell of a lot better. 

That morning I walked downstairs to see a case of Krispy Kreme doughnuts with a red ribbon on top.


Here is a treat for you because your the best nurse ever. Thanks for caring for me. I should get hurt more often ;) text me when you wake. Xx H

 I laughed as I pulled out a original glazed. My favorite. I hadn't noticed Harry wasn't even here. If he snuck out to go boxing I swear..

I texted him, come to find out he was just visiting an old friend. Good, I would have smacked him otherwise.

Seeing as I had no plans I decided to call Cassie.

"Hey Cassie, are you doing anything?"

"Hey! I was about to go to an Art Gallery opening, you are free to join!"

I beamed, "I would love too! Can you come get me?"

She laughed, "Is Harry ok with this?"

"He's palling off with a friend. So I should be able to too. See you in 15."

The line clicked and I ran up to my room. What the hell do you wear to an Art Gallery opening? Classy? Casual? Let's go slightly causal, dressy blouse and black dress pants. Ok I guess that's more classy. Oh well, screw it!

I pulled my hair up in a sock bun and applied a small amount of makeup. I believe girls shouldn't be labeled pretty or not by their makeup.

My heels clicked loudly as I made my way down the stairs. I saw Cassie's silhouette behind the door. Opening the door I smiled as she was dressed similar to me. Good call George.

She gave me a warm hug, "You look dapper!" Cassie joked. "Thank you! You also look fabulous!"

We smiled and laughed like old friends to her car. "So who is the artist that's opening the gallery?" I asked.

"Craig Archer, son of my Dad's friend. He is absolutely gorgeous, believe me."

I smirked, "Better looking then Zayn?"

"Not even going there." She playfully hit me.


When we arrived, I was surprised to see so many people there. More of a turn out than I thought. "I hope the Champagne is good." I laughed as I grabbed a glass from a waiter.

Cassie and I walked around and I won't lie, the art was magnificent. One caught my attention, a beautiful woman sitting in a corner hugging her knees crying, all these men standing around not looking at her.

"Who painted this again?" I asked.

"I did, I'm pleased you like it." Startled I turned round to come face to face with a drop dead gorgeous man. About 6'4, dark brown hair, crinkles at the eyes which were grey he was what I would label as a 'painty dropper'.

Realizing I had been staring while his hand was outstretched to shake I blushed, "Craig Archer, but people call me Archie. You are?"

Cassie spoke up, "Archie, this is my best friend Georgia Mitchell."

"Original name, I like it." He smiled. He then proceeded to hug Cassie and they talked and revisited old childhood memories. All I could focus on was his perfectness.

"Would you like a tour of my studio, it's right up stairs." He offers.

Before I could answer, Cassie agrees. I forgot she's an art freak and being an Artist is the profession she wants to pursue.

We step into an Elevator and he hits the 3rd floor button which makes me curious as to what's on the 2nd.

A giant white room is revealed by the Elevator doors, an easel and paints and chairs lay around. It had a comfy feel to it.

Slowly I made my way to the window, "You can see all of Bull Street! Look, there's Forever 21, T.J Maxx, and the Coffee Shack."

As I peered closer towards the coffee shack, I saw a cute young couple sitting by the window. Squinting my eyes, the man looked a little like Harry.

What I realized was, it was Harry. Some old friend huh? Not knowing what to do, I didn't want Archie to see me have a panic attack so I walked towards Cassie.

"It was a pleasure to meet you Archie. Thanks for the tour and I hope you have the most success with your art but we have to go."

I grabbed Cassie's arm and pulled her away as she waved goodbye.

When we got inside the Elevator, the doors closed off the image of a very confused Craig Archer.

"Why do we have to go?" Cassie asked.

I covered my face with my hands, "I think I've just been cheated on."

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