The Person You Are (Marcel Fan Fic)

Marcel is just a nerd. Right?


15. 15

My stomach growled, where was he? 

A knock on the door made me jump. "Sorry George." Marcus chuckled. "I was wondering if you wanted to do something with me tonight?" He asked. 

His shaggy blonde hair was waved just over his eyes and he couldn't look like belonged in California any more then he did now.

I bit my lip, "Sorry, Harry is on the way now to pick me up for our date tonight. Tomorrow?" I smiled.

The disappointment on his face was soon wiped away and he returned my smile. 

He left my room and that's when my phone went off.

From: Harry

Hey Babe, I'm outside. 

I checked my watch, goodness he is 20 minutes late. 

I checked myself out in the mirror one last time. I had my hair in a sock bun and wearing black skinny jeans, a black mick jagger shirt with a short sleeve leather jacket over it. 

Along with my favorite shoes, my black converse.

I raced downstairs and was almost out the door.

"Ahem." A deep voice cleared their throat. 

I turned to see my father sitting in the love seat, he had been waiting.

"Georgia, where are you going?" He asked pushing his glasses farther up his nose. 

"Out." I simply put. 

He cocked an eyebrow, "With..?"

"Harry." I muttered. I felt my phone in my hands keep vibrating. Impatient Harry.

My father glared at me, "I thought we made it clear your mother and I don't approve of you hanging out with him?" 

I shrugged, "He's not a bad person Dad. Just misunderstood, he saved me from.."
Whoops, didn't really wanted to bring that up.

My father's expression changed once those words had slipped. "Fine, but don't stay out late. You hear me?" 

I nodded opening the door. "Gotcha pop." 

Harry's familiar black chevy camaro was waiting for me. 

I tried to dodge the rain as I ran to Harry's car. Harry's lips found mine as soon as I got in. 

"Goodness babe what took so long?" He asked pulling away. 

I groaned, "My father, how come you were late?" I asked fixing my eyes on his face. There was a bit of purple on his eye. But it looked covered up.

"Shit Harry what happened?" I asked concerned. He chuckled, "I practice today, he got me. That's why I was late. It ran over a little." 

I smiled, "Did you win?"

He smirked, "What kinda question is that?"


He pulled up to a restraunt that appeared like a shack but it still had a sort of an appeal.

I smelled the air, sea food?

"Do you like sea food?" Harry asked nervously.

I giggled, "Yes very much." He relaxed and linked our arms. "That's a relief." he muttered.

We got a table and ordered.

"Harry tell me the basic's about you." I said breaking the silence.

"Like what?" He replied.

"Favorite color, food, sport."

He sucked on his bottom lip in concentration. "Blue or orange, everything, and soccer as you Americans call it." He smiled.

"Now you."

I shrugged, "Blue, italian, and I like to watch all sports."

"What about when you were Marcel, do you really want to be a dentist?" I asked.

He shook his head, "No, that was to impress you. I like to sing and box. That's it." He slightly blushed.

"Will you sing something for me?" I asked with the best smile I could manage.

He shrugged, "Maybe some day love."


We walked back to Harry's car hand in hand.

He opened the door for me like a gentlemen, "Thank you kind sir." I faked a british accent.

"Don't." He joked.

Once he got in the car, the curiosity was burning. "Now where to?" I had to ask.

He chuckled, "I don't really know." He pulled me onto his lap to where I was straddling him.

"We don't have to go anywhere." His chest rumbled, I loved when he was this romantic sex god.

He started kissing me collar bone slipping his hand underneath my shirt and farther up.

"Do you mind if we stay here babe?" He jokingly asked.

I moaned, "Not at all." 

*THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN COMMENTING AND FAVORING  You all mean so much and if you fancy I just started another fan fic called The Preacher's Daughter and you might want to read it. ;) Love to all xx*

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