The Person You Are (Marcel Fan Fic)

Marcel is just a nerd. Right?


11. 11

~Georgia's POV~

"Babe! Get up! Hide in my closet!" Harry nudged me. I yanked the covers around me and reached for my clothes as I shuffled into the closet and shut the door. 

I quietly put on my clothes as I listened to the door open. "Hey Harry." a sweet small voice chooed. "Hey Mum." 

"How's school going?" she asked. 

"Fine. I have to study for a test. So.." 

"Oh ok! Well dinner will be ready in 10." she said and the footsteps retreated and his door shut. 

I slipped on my shirt and slowly opened the door. Harry looked at me with a smirk. "Close one." he breathed. 

I laughed, "I'll say so. I better get going or else my parents will flip." I said.

"How can I get out without being seen?" I asked. 

He pointed to the window. "There's a ladder right there. We can sneak out there." He said with a smile. 

"Why is there a ladder out there conveniently?" I arched a brow. He looked down, "I may sneak out sometimes."

We both chuckled and I walked over to the window and lifted it up. Slowly I lifted a leg over the edge and put it on the first metal step.

Slowly I made my way down and Harry followed.

He pulled up in front of my house and I didn't want to leave him.

His thumb rubbed circles on my thigh, "Who will I see tomorrow?" I asked. His eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

"Marcel or Harry?"

He bit his lip, "Regardless, you are both of theirs. You are mine." he said and crashed his lips onto mine.

I broke away, "You mean, like your girlfriend?" I asked feeling stupid as soon as I asked.

He smiled and nodded, "Yes."

I blushed violently and smiled. I reached over and kissed him once more before getting out of his car.

A hand caught my wrist, "Babe, I'll pick you up for school OK?"

"Harry I have my own car." I pointed out. He nodded, "I know, but I want to."

I shrugged, "OK."

He blew me a kiss and wink and I returned the gestures as I opened my front door.

"Georgia Rose Mitchell!" My father's voice boomed. The color in my face drained as I laid my eyes on my whole family standing there sending death glares my way.

"Do you have any clue what time it is?!" My mother yelled. I bit my lip looking at my shoes and shook my head.

"Almost 11! Really George!" Marcus yelled.

"What the hell were you doing?" My father asked the veins in his neck popping out.

"I went bowling." I said, I'm surprised it didn't choke me on the way out.

"Bowling?! With who?!" Marcus asked. He is a spit image of my father. Look at my father and that's Marcus in 30 years.

"A friend." I shrugged. That was true, he was my friend at the time. But now we're more.

"Room.NOW." Marcus pointed upstairs. I wasn't one to take orders from him, but seeing as my parents would've said the same I oblidged and like a coward, climbed the stairs with my head hanging low.

I didn't do anything wrong. OK I stayed out a little to late. So?

I strpped off and took a shower letting my feelings follow the water down the drain.

I got out and dryed my hair slipping on one of Marcus' old T-Shirts.


I slid onto my bed to check my phone.

From: Unknown

Hey Babe everything ok? 

I assumed it was Harry. How'd he get my number? Sneaky bastard must have gone through school records.

To: Harry

Yeah. My parents and brother yelled at me a little but I think I'm good. 

From: Harry

Do I need to chat with them? ;)


I'd rather you didn't  but thanks for the offer. I'm going to bed. Night xx 

From: Harry

Night babe xx

I put my phone on the charger and wrapped myself in the covers and let myself dream. 

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