Is This Destiny (Harry Styles FanFic)

After multiple times of love failure, does Harry finally find the one? The boys are on break. They all decided to travel to places that they had never been before. So they take turns spinning a globe while blind folded. The place that their finger lands on is the place that they travel to. Will their vacation be a disaster? Will management agree with all of their decisions? Will Harry ever find his true love?


2. Last Minute Packing and Planning


  ~~Louis lifted his hand and placed his finger on.... Barcelona, Spain. 

   Louis POV: 

   Wow I thought to myself. I actually picked somewhere decent. Being the person that I am I thought I would have picked something like Alaska. "Good job mate!" Zayn said patting my back. "As long as there is edible food that taste good I'm in." Niall said. "Ok, to start of our vacation we're going to Spain! Now guys, I'm going to go make all of the hotel arrangements and reservations for everything. So start packing your things because we're leaving tomorrow for a one week stay in Barcelona." Liam stated. Out of all of Liam's banter all I heard was, blah blah hotel blah blah packing blah blah one week. I was to excited to pay any attention. I just stood up and started screaming and running around the flat. Moments later I was joined by Harry and Niall. 

   Niall"s POV:

    WOOOOOWOOOO we're going to Spain for the first time ever! I'm actually only excited because I want to try new food. And because it's a place where we can just chill in the sun. "Lads, I'm gonna go home so I can start packing. Oh and Liam, don't forget the globe." "Yeah I'm going to get going too" Zayn said. I left Liam's flat and headed towards his garage where my car was parked. I got in and drove home. When I got to my flat I found something  really strange taped to my front door. It was a note. I ripped it off the door and walked inside. When I got inside I threw my keys on top of the kitchen counter and went to sit down to watch some TV. I sat down and grabbed the remote and turned the TV on to some Family Guy. They were giving a sequel so I sat watching Family Guy for two hours. When it hit me, the note. I got up and grabbed the note off of the table and opened it. It was written with cut up letters from a magazine. Serial killer much? I read the note and it said,

 'Dear Niall,

   You know I love you right? Even though you haven't talked to me in like three months. Why have you been ignoring me? Don't you love me?  Please call me. I want to get back together. I can not stand this break up any longer. Niall I need you!


                                                                                         Love, Rebecca'

    Shivers ran down my spine. Rebecca. It hurt to even say or think of her name. She was my ex-girlfriend. I broke up with her because she was completely insane and controlling. She would message me and call me every second of every day. She would follow me around wearing stupid costumes to make it seem as if it wasn't her. But what really got on my nerves was that she would go on my Twitter and post stuff that caused bad publicity and hurt the band. She was always so negative so I decided to end it with her. But ever since then she has been doing really crazy stuff. Like this note. But what really scared me was how did she find my house? I had moved flats to try to run from her. This girl wow, she's something else. After shredding the note I decided that it was time to start packing.

   Zayn's POV:

   I walked out of Liam's flat along with Niall and followed him towards the garage. As I was walking toward my car I got a text from Perrie. 'Hey Babe. i'll be at ur flat in 10. can't wait 2 c u!' I replied 'ok i'll be there ;) can't wait' This put a smile on my face. Finally after so long I finally get to see my girlfriend. You have no idea how much I have missed her. It has been a month since I seen her last. This whole long distance relationship is becoming a hand full. I drove to my flat which was only five minutes away from Liam's. I pulled in to my drive way and stared walking toward the front door. Right when I open the door, a very happy and excited Perrie jumped on my back. Scaring the shit out of me. " Jezz babe don't do that." I turned around and kissed her lips passionately. Oh how I missed her lips. I picked her up while still kissing her and brought her inside. I managed to stumble a lot on the way to the couch. When we got to the couch, I threw Perrie onto it. I started to lean in as if to kiss her again but instead i playfully slapped her than ran into my room and locked the door. "You fucking tease!" Perrie yelled from outside of the door."OPEN THE DOOR AND LET ME IN!" Man she is really hot when she's mad. "Only if you promise not to hurt me." "I wont hurt you just open the door." Perrie replied more calmly so I gave in and opened the door.  As soon as I opened the door she shoved me to the ground and got on top of me. "You know you look so hot when you're mad" I told her. "Yeah yeah, what ever. Just shut up and kiss me." She bent down ad started kissing me. When a few seconds later she bit my lip really hard. So hard that it started bleeding. "OW! Shit Perrie why'd you do that?" "Do what?" She said. "You bit my lip." I just thought to myself, who does this bitch think she is biting me? Shes lucky I love her. I just left it at that and got up. " Perrie can you help me pack?" "Pack for what?" " Oh yeah I forgot to tell you. Me and the boys are going to Spain for a week." "Really? When?" "We're leaving tomorrow. Not sure what time though because Liam still hasn't called with all of the details." "Oh, alright then." I wonder why Perrie seemed so upset but I just let it go. I walked out of my room and went to go find my suit case. I guess it took me a long time to find it because when I got back to my room Perrie already had 10 pairs of clothes perfectly folded on top of my bed. "Took you long enough." Perrie said. "Thank you babe. How can I make it up to you?" "Well you can make dinner." "Alright I'm on it." And with that I started cooking. After we ate we watched some TV until Perrie had to leave. After she left I just got up off the couch and went to bed. I was exhausted.


    All of the boys where at their own flats. Each of them had finished packing and settling last minute things for their long trip from London to Spain. They all went to bed exhausted but excited and ready for tomorrow's exciting start to their vacation. Unaware of what was coming.



    Yet another chapter completed! I think it's going pretty good. What do you guys think? Let me know. OK bYe LoVe Ya'Ll! 




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