Letters from Summer

Summer and Winter are from different sides of Transylvania. They are, strangely enough, vampires. Summer is a obviously a Summer Vampire and Winter is a Winter Vampire. Summer is assigned for a pen pal from across Transylvania.



4. Summer's POV

Dear Winter,

Thank you for the suggestion I will be sure to try it


WAIT!!! If I sent that then he would know for sure that "my friend" was me... I have got to try again!

I started rubbing the back of the pencil on the paper then remembered 2 things.

One: It doesn't have an eraser

Two: I am using a pen

I then crumble the paper and mumble, "At least I can remember that it is really paper not a piece of wood" I sigh and get back to writing


Dear Winter,

Thank you for the suggestion I'll be sure to tell her! :) So how did you become "The Popular Guy"? I am having a rough time thinking so I will finish the letter after school!

After School this is what I wrote:

Okay I'm back from school. I learned something super cool! Every vamp is able to pick a power! I picked Magic. Are you able to pick anything?




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