Letters from Summer

Summer and Winter are from different sides of Transylvania. They are, strangely enough, vampires. Summer is a obviously a Summer Vampire and Winter is a Winter Vampire. Summer is assigned for a pen pal from across Transylvania.



2. 5-11 & 5-12

Dear Winter Vampire Son,

Hi! I'm Summer and I was assigned for a pen pal. You are probably wondering what I look like but as a vampire you know we cant show up in mirrors and photos so I will describe what I look like. I have blackish brown hair and blue eyes. Yeah I have blue eyes not brown. I've got a rare skin disorder where my skin has dark pink spots. I'm 18 years old and I have 1 little sister, 1 older brother, and another younger brother. Anyway, I believe I've spoken enough. If you have any questions ask me in the letter in reply.


Summer :)



Dear Summer,

Hi Summer! I know you were assigned for a pen pal. I bet you are very beautiful. My hair is brown and my eyes are a dark dark blue. I am sorry to hear about your skin disorder. I am also 18, but living on my own. Ummm... honestly I don't have any questions for you except your birthday and your last name.


Winter ;) 

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