School Nobody

Hailey sees a crowd of people and runs over to see whats going on she sees two guys Zach the snobby jock and another unfamiliar guy who was really cute!


1. The Fight

Haileys POV

I saw a crowd a people and ran over and saw two guys fighting Zach and the other was unfamilar to me he had quiff. I relized it was Zach my boyfriend he promised he wouldnt fight anyone else I gave him his second chance. Yet the other was quite cute. Zach saw me and I crossed my arms and started to walk away my heels clicking with each step. Zach starts to follow me "babe wait"

"Wait for what oh yeah a better boyfriend"I snapped as I turned around we were the 'cutest couple' in school so everyone turned their attention towards us "you broke all of your promises and each time I forgave you but not this time were through" I yelled and pushed past the crowd Zach followed.

"cmon we can work this out" Zach pleaded.

"no we cant" I yelled back trying hard to hold tears back.He kept trying but I just kept from letting him win.

"I dont understand"He said.

"How do not understand if you cant even keep a promise how am I soppuse to know I can trust you" I went to my locker since school was over and put my stuff up. I grabbed my cute pink jacket since it was winter and put it on. I got home and let the tears spill I ran up to my room I cant believe this ugh.

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