School Nobody

Hailey sees a crowd of people and runs over to see whats going on she sees two guys Zach the snobby jock and another unfamiliar guy who was really cute!


3. One Direction and Surprises

*2 years later*

Haileys POV

I heard a song called live while were young by my fav band One Direction. I was going to their concert today I was getting ready putting final touchs on my make up and went to my closet I was 19 so I had a chance so I was looking through my closet and saw a picture fall it was my prom picture I was wearing a long dress a peach top with diamonds and a long mint green skirt and peach pumps with my date the names read Hailey an the other half was ripped and I forgot who he was I havent seen him since I was like 17 we lasted 4 months. I go back to looking for a outfit and slipped the picture in my purse and decided on my red leather jacket a white blouse tied at the bottom without showing my stomach high waisted shorts and tights and black pumps. I had meet and greet tickets. Two so I decided to take Bien we shared a house since we were kicked out of our parents at 18. I got in my car and we drove to the concert we had front row seats then they came out Zayn Niall Louis Liam and Harry.

After they finished the last song Best Song Ever we got to go meet the guys. They turn and I see Zayn shocked. "H-Hailey" I knew that accent it was him the one I went to prom with I saw sorrow in his eyes he was the reason we broke up he cheated on me. He seemed so diffrent from how I remeber him. I smile slightly talk about ackward (sorry I cant spell akward did I do it I dont know) the memory started to come back but I was trying to keep it away. Bien cleared her throat to keep away the akwardness but to late Zayn was already trying to apoligize like he was 2 years ago "Im sorry Hailey and she was trying to make you jealous for us to break up'

"well it worked" I shot back

"It was 2 years ago" Bien yelled "let it go already" I saw tears fighting inZayns eyes none in mine.

"Bien Im going to go" I said. I left the picture flew out my purse but I didnt care I hate it not me in the picture but for the fact I was with a jerk in the picture.

"you kept it" I heard a voice behind me

"It was my prom picture of course I kept it" I said "they say youll never forgot your prom and I really want to forget mine right now" I said and turned around to Zayn looking at the picture.

"You know you looked beautiful that night"

"I always did then"

"what about now"He said looking up.

"I dont try as much I used to care so much what people thought about my apperance"

"You look like you tried tonight"

"well yeah I thought I was meeting 5 nice guys who are in my favrerite band but in stead it was 4 nice guys and my ex" I cant believe I kept anserwing his quiestions.

"you dont have to go"

"yeah well I want to" Zayn sighed

"I know what happened looked bad and after that I was heart broken after you I had like ! girlfriend who reminded me of you so much but it didnt work out and I still keep thinking of you" He said "and well when we came here I was thinking if I see her I have to get things back to how they were 2 years ago when we were dating and if I cant then I will be force to forget you and thats one thing I dont want to do but I know I want you back" Zayn finished. I was unsure of what to say I mean I want to forgive him but how was I suppouse to know if he was telling the truth. As I was thinking Zayn kissed me! At first I was shocked but soon I kissed back not reliezing he was the reason we broke up. But I didnt care secretly I did love him to I was just to hurt to relieze it. I guess. He pulled back 'Im sorry"He said

"Its ok"Did I just say that who am I?

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