Does This Make Me A Heroine?

You know that moment when its a Friday night and you have nothing to do and you are absolutely bored out of your mind? Well Lucy Reese lives that moment everyday. A small town, small school, and idiots everywhere are the perfect ingredients for a dull life. Although Lucy is the typical good girl, she strives for adventure. But on a casual trip to the store for something as simple as ice-cream she finds that her life might have just brightened. Why? Because Lucy was saved by a hero.


6. Chapter 6

The weekend went by quickly. The masked men kept to themselves, sadly, leaving me to my continuous thoughts. My brain never seemed to shut up. I don't know how many arguments I've had with myself. To be honest, I am slightly afraid I might be going crazy. Despite me possible being a psychopath, It was Monday morning. My curly haired friend, Charlie, was cracking one of his many cheesy jokes as we made our way to history. Charlie was always the jokester type of guy. He is never really serious, but sweet as can be. Although, he has this slight mysterious side to him that attracts the female population very well. He might be my best friend, but I had to admit he was attractive.  He is one of those people that observe everything and have a way of giving off a vibe that he knows all your secrets. It was quite creepy at first, but once he pulls his famous golden boy grin, your realize he is perfectly safe.


I giggled," Yes, Charlie?"

"What's going on with Scarlett and that Carter kid?"

"That Carter kid is "seeing" our dear Scarlett."  I said, while patting his stomach.

"Really? I thought he was just harassing her!" The thing I like most about Charlie is he is just as sarcastic as I am.

"Oh Hush." We made our way in the class sitting right by the window as usual.

" Are you ready for the exciting lecture we are about to get, Lu?" Charlie said with fake peppiness. 

"Of course! I always am." As if on cue, the unpleasant site of Mr. Byrd walked in the classroom.


" So, did you talk to Carter yet?" I settled beside Scarlett at the grimy lunchroom table.

She huffed." I tried, but like always he finds some way to distract me." 

" I bet he learned that from his gang." I smirked.

"Shut up." She playfully pushed my arm.

I set my eyes on the look out for Charlie. 

"  You want to help me baby sit tonight? I have to watch the Martin's kid and all that little girl does is sleep. It would be nice for some company." Scarlett asked as she took my water bottle.

" Yeah, sounds good, but you owe me ice-cream."

She laughed. " Deal."

I finally found Charlie leaned against the cafeteria wall, having an intense conversation.

I furrowed my brows. " Is Charlie talking to Carter?" 

She leaned forward, her hair getting in the mushy soup on her tray. " It is. I didn't know they were friends."

I wiped the food from her hair. " Me either."

Simultaneously, both boys looked our way. I blinked. "Okay. That was weird."

" Huh. "


" Should would go talk to them?"

I waved Scarlett off. " No. No, let them be. I'm sure there just having a very guyish conversation."

She smirked. "Guyish?  Yeah, that's what they are doing. Nice new word there by the way."

I shrugged," Thanks."

The bell rang and we said our good byes. Scarlett decided to catch up with Carter to ask about Charlie. After her reassuring me she would call me later, I went to find my locker.

Yet again, I let my mind drift to the masked men. I was still trying to grasp the whole thing. I had been trying to come up with suspects on who could have suggested me to the men. So far I only had one; Joe Miller. In fifth grade he had a huge obsession with the color green. Green pencils, green shirts, green backpack, even for Halloween he went as a green m&m. Although, now he is a big fan of the color black and has just about every facial piercing.  I sighed. This is hopeless.  I pulled my locker open only to have a piece of paper come falling out. My heart raced. I picked it up and ever so slowly unfolded it.


Come to the fire station after school. 

                                                                              -You know who


A whole weekend with out hearing from them and that's all I get? I was seriously expecting one of them to pop up in my car or something, but why should I really be surprised? Sense I have met them all they have done is surprise me. The bell rung again, signaling I was late for class. I grabbed my books and unwillingly walked to my class.


The rest of the day couldn't have gone by fast enough. I rushed to the parking lot, nearly running to my car. I didn't want to run into any of my friends in fear of them asking me to hang out.  I climbed inside my car and zoomed out of the parking lot. It wasn't until yesterday that I got it back from the masked men. Scarlett had dropped me off at home from her house and it was just in the driveway. Luckily, my parents hadn't been home. I had hoped that there was a note inside my car, but after searching for 10 minutes, I had found nothing. I wonder who put the note inside my locker, though. Surly someone had seen. Tomorrow I would ask the people around the hall by my locker.One of them has to know something. I pulled into the driveway of the old fire station and walked to the door. Before I could even knock it opened and I was faced with a tall blue masked man.

"Hello Lucy. "

" Hey Blue."

I stepped inside. There was a faint smell of popcorn that filled the air.

" Are we going to the living room?" I asked.

He shook his head and took my hand. Suppressing a smile, I let him lead the way. We went down a different hallway that was long and narrow. There no longer was a buttery sensation the filled my nose, but instead a musty smell that surrounded us. We stepped into a room that looked like an office. Blue sat down on a small couch pulling me behind him.

 " Lucy, I wanted to talk with you."

"Okay? What about?"


I pushed my bangs back. " Why?"

" Because I like you." 

I froze. "Umm, well, um, that's nice."

He gave a deep chuckle. " Don't worry I'm not gonna make a move or anything. There is just something differnent about you that is intriguing."  

I forced my blush away and smiled. " That's sweet." I pushed myself back on the couch and got comfy.

"What would you like to know?" I asked.

" What do you like to do?" He moved closer to me.

" I read a lot." 

" Really? I used to read all the time when I was younger. I kind of miss it." 

"Hmm, why did you stop."

" I just got busy. How long have you lived here?" 

" Forever. This town is all I have ever known." 

He was quiet then, thinking I suppose. I looked at him. Although the room was dim, I could still make out his strong features. I inched closer to him. His head shot up towards me; a small grin on his lips. His hand brushed my cheek and stayed hovering there. I breathed in deep. His head leaned forward slowly and I closed my eyes. Then it hit me. I pulled away and got off the couch. 

" Um, I have to go meet Scarlett. So, I will see you later." I ran down the hall, flew passed the green masked man who hollered my name and out the front door. 

I started my car and took off to my house. That would have been my first kiss. I almost kissed a masked man in an old fire station. I have gone mad. I pulled my phone out and called Scarlett. I knew she would get my mind off of things.

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