Does This Make Me A Heroine?

You know that moment when its a Friday night and you have nothing to do and you are absolutely bored out of your mind? Well Lucy Reese lives that moment everyday. A small town, small school, and idiots everywhere are the perfect ingredients for a dull life. Although Lucy is the typical good girl, she strives for adventure. But on a casual trip to the store for something as simple as ice-cream she finds that her life might have just brightened. Why? Because Lucy was saved by a hero.


4. Chapter 4

I parked my car right next to Scarlett's truck and got into her front seat. She looked frustrated and upset, which is understandable. She had on a dark blue hoodie with silver lettering on it and some jeans. Her dark hair was going all over the place like she had just got out of bed. It strangely worked for her. I smiled to myself. She didn't say anything to me yet as she stared intently out the windshield. We where a good ways away from the alley, but we had a great view if anyone decided to come out.

I ran a hand through my hair,"Gosh, Scarlett, this is ridiculous."

She ignored my statement and kept staring. We both stared. We stared for a good thirty minutes. Neither of us saying a word. Just watching a creepy alley hoping something would happen. Another five minutes past and I huffed.

"Lets just go. Maybe you just thought he went into an alley. Maybe he lives in a nearby building."

Scarlett turned and looked at me like I was the mental one. Then she said, with sarcasm soaked in her voice,"Yes, Lucy, because I'm sure he lives in a convenient store or an old gas station! Did you forget that this is practically in the middle of nowhere! That's what confuses me! This is so far away from our town. Look around, half of these buildings look abandoned. What could he possibly be doing?!" She leaned her head against her steering wheel.

"Maybe there is an apartment somewhere nearby." I said trying to calm her.

She looked up at me and rolled her eyes. "Lu, he is in that alley. I saw him!" Her voice was filled with confusion.

I gathered up every nerve I had and let out a breath, "Well then , Scarlet, let's go look for him."

There was a thoughtful look on her face, then she slowly nodded. "Alright, it's just an alley. No big deal." I saw her swallow and I began to push every movie about a girl in a dark alley out of my mind.

"Come on." I opened my door.

Scarlett was right next to me in an instant. She had a perfume bottle in her hand and I raised my eyebrows."What?," she said,"I thought we could use a weapon."

"Yes, because a vanilla scented liquid is so gonna help us." I rolled my eyes.


We walked slowly, I mean snail slow, to the alley. Once we reached the out skirts of it we stopped. I looked at Scarlett as she looked at me. We both nodded and kept going, keeping close to one another. It was just a normal alley. A dumpster here, crates scattered there. A stray cat purred making me jump and causing Scarlett to try and hold back her laughter.

It was long pathway and by the time we reached a dead end, I wanted to scream out of frustration.

"I hate to say I told you so, Scar, but I TOLD YOU SO!" I raised my voice just little at the end.

Scarlet just ignored me and spun around in a circle. "No, I know he walked in here! I saw him."

She looked so serious that I had to believe her. " Okay, okay. Calm down. Maybe there is side door or something on one of these buildings. Maybe he went into it." I suggested.

"Yeah, your rig-" She was cut off by a slamming of a wood door hitting a building. It was a few good feet away from us, though.

"I told you there was a side door." I whispered to Scarlett.

A mumble came from ahead of us," Do you really think he would start taking hostages? I mean the guy is crazy, but really?"

Scarlett gasped. "Thats Carter!"

I nodded, "Lets follow them."

" I thought this was an invasion of privacy?" She questioned, holding the perfume bottle at me accusingly.

I rolled my eyes. "Do you want to know whats going on or not."

We began to keep a steady distance behind them; only hearing small pieces of what they were talking about.

" This is starting to get out of hand." This voice seemed vaguely familiar.

They were just at the edge of the alley and I was quite suprised they hadn't herd our footsteps hitting the wet pavement behind them.

Carter gasped. "Oh no. I think that's Scarlett's car."

Simultaneously, we both froze. I looked at Scarlett who had a hand over her eyes as if she was scolding her self.

" I should had moved it! Why didnt you think of that?" She whispered next to me.

"How is this my fault? I only went into this stupid alley just to please you.I didnt actually think Carter was in here." I whispered fastly to her. I took note though how both our voices seemed to have a slight playfullness to them. To be honest we have never actually yelled at eachother.

"Yeah, well it still would have been helpful." She huffed.

"Scarlett? Is that you?" Carter was stepping closer to us. The alley wasn't lit by much light so you could only see the outline of the figure.

I nodged Scarlett in the arm and she stumbled forward, "Uhh, yeah, I was just out taking a walk with Lucy here." She finshed taking a few steps toward him.

I herd Carter laugh, "In an alley?"

"Yeah, dont you do that? I mean isn't that why you are here?" Oh, she was good.

"Not exactly. Why dont I walk you and Lucy to your car?" I was by Scarlett now and I saw Carter take her hand and we began to walk out of the ghostly alley. I could tell, though, that Scarlett wasnt happy with the subject change indicated by Carter. She had small frown on her lips.

When we got to the cars, I began to unlock mine and looked back to say bye when I saw Carter kiss Scarletts chick and, if like magic, a big grin spread across her face.I laughed. How cute.

"Sorry to interrupt, but I was just gonna say bye and Scar, I will see you at your house."

Carter smiled at me and said goodbye while taking the perfume away from Scarlett. I was about to get in my front seat when remembered Carter hadn't been alone. I got back out and turned to them,

" Carter?"

His face was puzzled, "Yeah?"

"Who were those guys with you?'

He waved his hand like it was nothing,"Just some family friends."

I nodded my head and got back in my car. For some reason, I too, was now curious why Carter was in that alley. Could he be in a gang? Oh no! What if he was a part of that gang the masked man told me about? This cant be good. I kept thinking of all these posibilities as I drove to Scarlett's and I couldnt find one that didnt involve him in a gang. This is just great! My bestfriend is dating a gang member.


"He is not in a gang."

"How do you know?"

"Because if I was seeing a guy who was part of a gang I think I would have known by now."

I rolled my eyes at Scarlett. We had been arguing sense we woke up this morning about Carter. This girl is in denial! It's obvious the guy has had something to do with a gang, but she insist I'm delusional and he is as innocent as a newborn baby. " Do you seriously think he would tell you something like that?! I mean honestly?!"

"Lucy, Carter wouldn't lie to me!"

"Okay," I said giving her the benefit of the doubt, "If he isn't involved in a gang then why in the world was in that alley last night, huh?"

She stopped eating her pizza we had ordered and sat it down on the end table beside her. There was look of concentration that crossed her face and then she spoke. " He was just with friends, like he said. They were just hanging out."

" So he was with his gang friends, then?" I asked her with smug grin.

Before I knew it Scarlett had flung herself across the couch and into me, knocking us both over. "He is not in a gang!" She huffed and rolled over; still half on top of me.

I laughed," If you say so."

We eventually got up and proceeded in watching another movie; Scarlett picking a horror movie just for me. I gave her a playful glare. She knows I hate scary movies. One time we watched this gruesome werewolf movie and it had me gagging, then screaming, then gagging the whole time. It was horrible.

We sat there on the comfy couch in her big country house, Me with a pillow clutched tightly between my hands and Scarlett with a big smile on her face, while waiting for the previews to begin. 15 minutes later I was already shaking from fear.

"Scarlett!" I whined. She continued to laugh, keeping her eyes still on the Tv.

"I belong with you, you belong with me you're my sweetheart-"

I jumped of the couch from the sudden noise from next to me. I picked up my phone realizing my ringtone was playing and walked past Scarlett, who had fallen to the floor in a fit of giggles, and made my way to the kitchen.


"Good afternoon, Lucy." That voice. I turned my head to look at the caller ID. I gasped, it was the blue masked man!

"Well, I suppose it has been good."

I herd a chuckle from the other end," You,my sweet, are something else."

I leaned against the counter. There he goes with that "sweet" thing again. "You need something?" I asked, getting strait to the point.

"Yes, Lucy, we need to talk. Be at my place, 6 o'clock, to night. Don't be late."

I herd a click and knew he had hung up. I was incredibly annoyed how he just told me what to do. I mean don't get me wrong, my stomach was already getting tight from excitement of getting to see them tonight, but what if I had plans?Did he think about that? And why couldn't he say good bye like a normal person. Gosh, he frustrates me!

I walked back into the living room. Scarlett had appearently given up on the movie and was huddled deep into the couch, texting away.

The rest of the afternoon went by fleetingly. I had just left Scarlett's, after another disagreement about Carter, and was on my way to the unsettling fire station. I still needed to look up what happened there or maybe one of the masked men would generously tell me the story if I asked. I flipped on the radio and tapped my fingers a long with the beat. Clearing my thoughts, I began singing out the lyrics. I laughed to myself as I reached a high note and my voice sounded like two crows fighting. Still singing though, I started moving my head side to side. The song just so happen to be one of my favorites. I pulled up to a stop light and looked around. The street was almost completely deserted. There were still a few people out and about, but most of them were going into the stores along the side walk. I looked in my rearview mirror to check my face when I saw a beat up, light blue, car behind me. The man driving it was quite large with light red curly hair. I herd him honk and I drove off realizing the light was now green.

I turned down the street that led to the old fire station and noticed the guy had followed me down the same road. I kept calm. Well, I tried. This whole situation with the masked men has had me on edge lately. So, I decided the red hair guy who was going the same way as me happened to be a coincidence. Breathing a sigh, I tried to relax and turned on the radio again. Mumbling the lyrics to myself, I glanced back in my rearview mirror. I gasped. The guy was practically riding on my bumper. Sense the road was starting to empty out, I decided it wouldn't hurt to speed up a little more. As I pushed on the peddle, the speedometer slowly increased. A minute later there was rough sound coming from my hood and my car suddenly started slowing down. I pulled over on the side of the road, hoping the red hair guy was father behind my car, so he wouldn't run into me. Luckily he was and even more fortunately he didn't stop to help me.

I got out of my car and hurriedly opened up my hood. Realizing I knew nothing about cars, I closed it back and glumly sat down on it. What was I suppose to do now. I'm on a deserted street, while its getting dark, and my car wont start. I hopped down and grabbed my phone from the front seat. Who would be best to call? Scarlett is an instant no. So, I guess I will just have to call the blue masked man. I small blush of embarrassment came on to my cheeks. I started hunting down his number when the sound of a car coming to a halt met my ears. A familiar black mustang had pulled up behind my car, but the driver in it had not got out yet. I stepped a little closer, holding a hand to my forehead to shade my eyes from the sun, and tried to get a better look. About that time, a man with dusty brown hair stepped out. The man was tall and had on tight navy blue shirt, which looked well with his olive skin color. But what caught my eye the most was the dark red mask that was strapped to his face.


"Uhh, yeah, I kinda had some car problems." He walked a little closer to me and for the first I could see his eyes. Every time I got around the masked men they had always kept a distance far enough away where I couldn't see them. The stupid mask they wear usually cast shadows around their eyes making it impossible for me to get a good look at them. If I can get more detail on these guys maybe, just maybe, I can figure out who they are. So I studied his eyes well. They where gray. A darker gray towards the middle and lighter all around. They where rather different, but pretty nonetheless.

"Do you know whats wrong with it?" He asked.

I shrugged, "I had a problem with it not to long ago, but I can't recall what it was."

The man gave a light chuckle," You really shouldn't be driving in a car that has something wrong with it. Could be dangerous." He stared into the hood of my car, eyebrows scrunched together. I kinda got the protective brother vibe off of him. Which I liked instantly.

"My dad fixed it, but I guess it's messed up again."

He nodded," To be honest I don't know much about cars. Come on, I'll drive you to the station. Someone will take a look at it tomorrow."

For some reason I trusted the guy and knew he meant what he said and didn't feel the need to worry. I climbed into his mustang, which I now remember seeing at their "house" and buckled up.

"If you don't mind me asking,"I started as he took off down the street," do you always wear that mask?"

He glanced at me,"We keep them with us at all times. We never know when another break in is gonna happen."

Nodding, I asked,"Why a red mask? Wouldn't black be more, I don't know, mysterious?"

" Yes, But red is my favorite color." A small smile was strung across his face.

I rolled my eyes playfully, " Why can't I know your name?"

"You are very persistent aren't you?"

I laughed a little,"Yes, yes I am."

"You can't know our names because it could be dangerous to you and also we don't plan to stay here forever, so when we do leave it will be easier for you to forget us. Any more questions?"

The creepy fire station flashed in my mind and I quickly shook my head yes. "What is up with that fire station?"

Red masked man laughed,"I had a feeling you would ask about that place." He flashed a smile in my direction.

He continued, "The, uh, blonde headed boy, the one who wears the green mask, his grandfather owned it. The houses around it were where the men, firefighters, stayed with there families." I nodded ever time he glanced at me.

" One day his grandpa happened to fall through a roof and almost died. If it wasn't for Re- I mean the guy with the blue mask," He paused to check and see if I understood, I nodded," if it wasn't for his grandfather he would have died."

I gave him a confused look, "So, blue masked mans grandpa saved green masked mn grandpa? Okay, I think understand." My confusion didn't go away,though, as I helplessly tried to sort out the story. "That's really sad, but what does this have to do with the fire station looking so creepy?" I kept my voice light so he wouldn't think I was being rude.

"Getting straight to the point, huh? Well, months after that, umm, green masked guys grandfather died anyways. He was burned so badly he could barely move. So, after he passed away the place wasn't the same any more. Everybody decided to leave."

I began processing everything he just told me. It was rather sad actually, but interesting. I turned toward him," So, Blue and green masked man have known each other for awhile then?"

"Yeah, sorta. They didn't really start to become friends till a few years ago."

"Okay, what about you? When did you meet them?"

We just drove up to the fire station and I let out a sigh. The masked man chuckled, "That's a story for another time."

I stepped out of his car and followed him into his home.

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