Does This Make Me A Heroine?

You know that moment when its a Friday night and you have nothing to do and you are absolutely bored out of your mind? Well Lucy Reese lives that moment everyday. A small town, small school, and idiots everywhere are the perfect ingredients for a dull life. Although Lucy is the typical good girl, she strives for adventure. But on a casual trip to the store for something as simple as ice-cream she finds that her life might have just brightened. Why? Because Lucy was saved by a hero.


3. Chapter 3

I woke up the next morning with Scarletts hand over my face. I sat up.

"Scarlett." I mumbled, gently shaking her arm.

When she didnt budge I shook her again. " Scarlett. Wake up!"

Getting annoyed, I got slightly closer to her ear. " SCARLETT GRACE EMERSON! GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF MY BED!" Scarlett jumped, falling out of my bed, taking the comforter with her. I laughed.

"Gosh, you didn't have to yell." She mumbled, slowly getting off the floor.

I rolled my eyes. " Its your fault you didnt hear me the first time."

As I walked out of my room I herd her groan. Half way down the stair case I herd hard foot steps coming at me. Seeing Scarlett in full charge mode could make anyone laugh and be scared at the same time. I took off heading for the kitchen with Scarlett close behind. I let out a squeak as I turned the corner and nearly fell.

I flung past the refridgerater, but a blue object caught my eye. Suddenly stopping, I turned. *SMACK* I hit the floor with a bang and opened my eyes to see that Scarlett had tackled me to the floor.

"Really?!" I groaned.

She just laugh," Serves you right for waking me up so early." I ignored her statement and slowly got up from the cold floor. Walking back to the fridge, I grabbed the blue note off of the magnet.

**/ Your grandma went to the hospital. Didnt want to wake you. Call me when you wake up. Love you.


I showed Scarlett the note and made us both some ceral. I decide I would call her after I fed the monster in my stomach.

Ten minutes later, with a full tummy, I called my mother.

"Hey Sweetie." My moms voice was filled with sadness.

"Hey, is grandma okay?" I questioned. My grandma was 67 years old and was an absolute phsyco. Last year, at my little cousins football game, she tried to fight the referee. Full on, fist in the face, fight! Crazy women!! But, she makes the best brownies and my life would be even more boring if I didnt get to visit her ever so often. She and most of my family live in the surrounding towns. We are a family who can only stand each other for a small amount of time.

"Well, she had a heart attack. She is in ICU right now."

I slapped my hand to my mouth in shock, " Oh Gosh! Is she gonna be okay?"

"I dont know, honey. We could be here for awhile. I will call you in a few hours. Just pray for her." Although I couldnt see my mom, I knew she wore a frown.

"Okay, love you." I hung up the phone and fell swiftly on to my big brown couch. Scarlett was looking at me exspectantly, so I began to explain what was going on.

After telling her about my grandma, we did a quick prayer and Scarleet suggested we do something.

"We could go shopping. I just got paid." She did a little happy dance as she said the last sentence. I smiled.

"Yea, I geuss." I threw a couch pillow at her face and made a dash for the stairs.

Four hours later we were still going through stores. We havent bought much, a few shirts and Scarlett got a new pair of glasses. Right now, we are sitting outside of a small café eating lunch. The Boardwalk is cluttered with people and my nose was filled with smells I couldnt describe. There was a hot dog stand to my left and an old lady selling cheap perfume to my right. I let out a dramtic sigh. My mom had called me a little while ago telling me my grandma wasnt looking so good and that they wouldnt becoming home untill tommorrow. Which is kinda good because I want to visit the masked men, during the day. Maybe I can catch them with out their dumb masks. I really want to do some research on that firestation, too. I jumped when I herd Scarletts loud ring tone break my thoughts.

"Its Carter, should I ignore it?" she asked me.

"What?No! Scarlett,you should give him a chance to explain."

"He still hasnt explained to me the reason he left the first time and every time I try to bring it up during school he finds away of not having to answer." She argued.

I rolled my eyes, "Well today could be the day."

She answered her phone and a smile immediatly broke out onto her face. A few minutes later Scarlett put down her phone and squealed.

"He told me he wants to have lunch tomorrow!"

I knew she couldnt stay upset with him. "Thats good, maybe he will tell you then." I suggested.

Eventually, we left the café and went shopping for a cute outfit for her date.

After 3 hours of searching for the perfect dress for Scarletts date, my feet were yelling in pain. Ive been complaining to Scarlett for the last 10 minutes but she insist before we go home I must buy something else. In her mind, she thinks that if I buy something I really want it might make me feel better. So now we are going into the only clothing store we havent been in.

"Oh! Look at this,Lucy!" Scarlett hurried over to a wrack by a window and picked up flowery Blouse.

"Um, a little to spring timeish for my taste."

She laughed and said I was to picky. I walked towards the back of the store spoting some cute capris, but not finding any in my size. I kept looking, nothing catching my eye. There was a dress wrack by the dressing rooms that Scarlett was searching through and I walked up beside her.

"Scarlett, you know im not big in dresses."

"It dosnt hurt to look." She rolled her eyes, but then gasped. "Lucy, this is perfect for you and its your size! Try it on!" She held up a blue sun dress that wasnt to short or to long. It had small straps and at the bottom of the dress were dark blue desighns. It was simple, but pretty.

"I dont see the point in trying it on. I have no place to wear it to."

" Its casual, you can wear it almost anywear!" She argued.

Deciding I was gonna lose the argument, I gave in. Taking the dress I went into the dressing room. Ten minutes later I was arguing with Scarlett about buying it. She said it look so great on me that I just had to buy it. I told her she was crazy. Geuss who lost the fight. Me. I huffed and strolled to the front to wait in line. Scarlett got a phone call, said it was Téa, her sister, and stepped outside the store. The line wasnt to long, so It only took a few minutes till I was the last customer.

The lady behind the counter was probally in her early fifties. She had her graying hair in a bun and small glasses perched on a pointy nose. There was a tired smile in her face, but her voice came out sweet.

"Oh, this is lovely. I bet it looks wounderful on you." she told me, taking the dress from my hands.

I smiled at the women, " Thank you, but I dont think I will wear it much."

"Well why not? Im sure it looks great with your eyes. They look about the same color."

"I dont really wear dresses." I tried to explain.

"Well every young lady should show her legs off every now and then." She winked at me. I was shocked, but then I laughed. This lady must have some stories to tell.

" Thats what shorts are for."

"Yea, well shorts are so last season." The women laughed at her self and I soon joined in. After talking for another few minutes she handed me the bag. I told her I would come back soon and I went out of the store searching for my best friend. I searched around the outside of the store then walked a little farther. With still no sight of her, I called her phone and she didnt answer. I decided not to get to worried, she could still be on the phone with Téa. I just dont understand why she would walk so far out. Searching the almost emptied street, I realized I was getting close to the small club that was full with a bunch of drunks. Great. I pulled my jacket tighter around my body and picked up my pace. From the distance I could see two figures. One of them looked like Scarlett. I started running towards her, hollering out her name. It wasnt untill I got there that I saw there was three passed out guys on the side walk. Scarlett was shaking, but qiuckly grabed my hand and took off running. It wasnt till we were far enough from the club that she stopped running. I wanted to pass out. Seriously, I need to get in shape.

"Care to explain what that was all about?" I asked her still out of breath.

"Lets just get home."

I nodded and we found our way to my car. The ride home was quiet and tense. I tried turnning on the radio to lighten the mood, but Scarlett quickly turned it off. Now I was really worried.

My house looked creepy when I pulled up to the drive way and I scoulded my self for not leaving the porch light on. Soon as I stepped through the door I flipped on the hall light then hurried to the living room to turn all the lamps on. Scarlett was slowly walking behind me and I caught her locking all the front door locks. We made our way up the stairs and to my bedroom. I sat on my bed while scarlett sat in my comfy chair against the wall. I figured she wouldnt want to talk first, but before I could say anything she started.

"Téa called to tell me her boyfriend was moving. Its a big deal because, you know, they have been going out for awhile now.-"

I stopped her. "Wait. Jackson? Really! They have been together for a long time."

Scarlett just nodded and countinued," Yeah, well she is really upset so I was trying to get her to calm down, but she just kept crying. I didnt realize I had walked so far untill I herd the music coming fron the club. I went to turn back around when a couple of guys started whistling at me, telling me to come over to them. I ignored them and turned to walk away, but I tripped."

"Gosh,Scarlett, you have such bad luck."

She smirked, but it disappeared fast. " I had dropped my phone a few feet away from me, so I got up and bent down to pick it up. When I turned around the group of guys were almost to me. I started walking again, but before I could get to far, they stopped me."

She didnt have to tell me what the men wanted, it was pretty obvious. She looked at me with watery eyes and then said," He saved me."

For a second I thought maybe the guys had drugged her some how and now she was just saying crazy things, but I tried shaking that thought out of my head. " Who?" I asked, hoping she didnt say something ridiculous to prove she was drugged.

"I dont know who he is, but he had a red mask on."

My eyes nearly fell out if there sockets. She said red mask. Oh my!

"He fought three of the guys, the other two ran away after they saw what he could do. Lucy, he was amazing! Im positive he could kick any ninjas butt." I notice her voice wasnt as shaky anymore.

"Was he wearing a black suit?"

"No, but he acted like he knew me. Like I was his girlfriend. He got so close to kissing me. Is that not weird?"

So I geuss there was another person with her. Im for sure taking a visit to those superheros now. I still cant tell Scarlett. I promised.

" Umm, yea, weird," I sighed "are you alright?"

"Im fine, Just a little overwhelmed. I should probally call Téa back." She called her sister, while I went to the bathroom. Tommorrow was gonna be interesting.

Its eleven in the morning and Im almost done getting ready. I woke up at nine to see that Scarlett left a note saying she was going to work. Today, I was going to visit the mask men. I needed answers. So, im now finishing up on my hair, which is slightly curled, and debating on what to wear. Getting up from my vanity, I walked over to my closet. The first thing I see is the blue dress I had bought last night. Scarlett said I could wear it almost anywhere. Would wearing it to a creepy firestation be acceptable,too,then? Sighing, I grabbed the dress. It really hadnt looked that bad on me. Besides, after visiting the men, I wanted to ride up and see how my grandma was doing, and she loves blue on me.

I slid the dress on and grabbed a pair of sandals. Looking in the mirror, I noticed my eyes really did go well with the dress. I only had enough make up on to high light my features and my hair fell perfectly. I didnt look to fancy, but I felt pretty good about myself. I walked down stairs, grabbing my keys off the table, and drove away from the house.

It didnt take me as long to find the place like it did last time. Pulling up to the old firestation, I noticed a black Mustang in the driveway. I got out and walked to knock on the door.

It took a few minutes then a voice sounded from behind the door. "Who is it?" It wasnt the blue masked man, I knew that for sure.

"Umm, Its Lucy." I took a step back from the door.

"Lucy?" That time it was the blue masked man. The door unlocked and I saw two guys. Both wearing mask. One blue and one red, but they were not wearing their usually black suit. "What are you doing here?"

"I want to know everything." I tried to make my voice sound demanding, but it didnt work so well.

"I thought we went over this?" The blue masked man sighed, shaking his head.

"We did, but Im choosing to forget it."

He laughed and surprisingly let me in. I stepped in the living room and saw that the green and red masked man were sitting on the couch watching TV. I wish I knew there names.

"So, you came to talk." The blue masked man sat on the other couch and I sat down to. One of the men had turned the TV off and were now paying attention to me.

"Uhh, yeah. Umm...I feel like I should introduce myself," I paused, " Im Lucy, Lucy Reese."

"We know who you are, Lucy." I looked at the green masked man who had a smile on his face, showing his adorable dimples.

"Well, I geuss I just wasted my words." I smiled awkwardly, looking at the floor.

"What did you want to discuss,Lucy?"The blue masked man was now smiling as well.

"Uh,right, um last night my friend and I went shopping and she got "attacked", I geuss you could say, buy a group of guys, but she was saved by a someone in a red mask." As I finished the sentence I turned my head to the man in the red mask.

"You saved Scarlett?!" My face puzzled as I look towards the green mask man who spoke.

I never said the name of my friend. I knew him? Well, he knows me and Scarlett, so I must know him. I didnt say anything, choosing to let his slip up slide.

"I didnt know it was Scarlett, Im sorry. She looked so much like Emma." The red masked man sighed and his head fell down.

I had no clue who in the world Emma was, but Im glad Scarlett and her shared a resemblance. I coughed a fake cough and said "Thanks, she was really shooken up."

A silence fell into the room, a silence I couldnt bare any longer. So, I said in the most normal, but demanding voice,"Who are you guys?"

Blue masked man chuckled," Here we go again...You know I think its about time you leave, we have some plans tonight."

I raised an eyebrow," Plans? Like kicking another group of guys butt's?"

"Something like that." The red masked man was laughing now, too.

Rolling my eyes I stated,"Im comeing with you guys."

Unexpectedly, the blue masked man swooped me off the couch and on to my feet, carefully, but forcibly shoving me to the door. As he opened the front door, placing me onto the porch, he said firmly,"No." Then shut the door.

He is unbelievable.


I grumbled to myself all the way to the hospital. I just don't understand why I couldn't go with them. Okay, I get the fact that it could be dangerous, but wasn't he the one that said I was a part of this now? He confuses me. Huffing, I got out my car and asked the nice receptionist were I could find my grandmother. Getting into the elevator, my phone vibrated.

*We will see you soon. And never unexpectedly show up again. No one can find out you know about this. Understand? By the way you looked lovely today, my sweet.*

Stupid blue masked man. He gets on to me then compliments me. Geez. On top of that, now I have to sit around all over again and wait till they randomly show up. Great. Besides that, what was up with the "my sweet" thing? So cheesey. I didn't reply and walked down the hall to my grandmas room.


Hours later I was sitting by my grandmas bed arguing with her.

"Grandma, you can't hit on the doctors. That is so inappropriate!"

" I am 67 and suffering from a heart attack, I think I have the right to do just about anything I want." My crazy grandma croaked out.

We were in her hospital room waiting for my parents to get back from the cafeteria, when a younger looking male nurse had came to check up on her. Apparently, my grandmother knows a fare share of pick up lines.

"It's still wrong and you know it."I pointed out.

She laughed, which came out more as a huff and said, "Oh Lucy dear, loosen up a little." Fantastic, even my grandma thinks I'm boring.

We continued bickering for another few minutes and when my parents finally came back and found out what she did, they requested a female nurse for now on. As I stared at my grandmas pouting face, I herd my phone go off.

"What up, buttercup?"

" HE IS IN AN ALLEY!" I cringed as herd Scarlett scream into the phone. I walked out into the hall, quietly closing the door.

"Whoa, what are you talking about?"

"Carter! He went into an alley and he has been there for 15 minutes now!"

" Wait, you followed him? Scarlett! Thats horrible!" Even though what she did was a complete invasion of privacy, I still couldn't help the laugh that escaped my lips.

"Yeah, Yeah. I'm awful. I know. Can we get back to whats important here?"

"I don't see the problem. He probably just took a detour and how did you know where he was in the first place?" I said, trying to ease her mind.

Scarlett huffed, "Well, we went on that lunch date and everything went great.We actually spent most of the afternoon together until, guess what? He got a call. So I was fed up and I, well, I followed him. And he parked his car so I dont think he was taking a detour." 

"First off, your crazy. Second, maybe he wanted fresh air so he walked the wrest of the way home." I shrugged my shoulders.

"Can you just get down here. Quickly! I'll text you the directions."

Really? I internally groaned. " May I ask why it is so important I come and watch a creepy alley with you?"

" Because your my best friend and this place is scary."

" Gee, now I really want to come. " My voice was dripping with fake enthusiasm.

She whined "Please, Lucy."

Giving in I replied, "On my way."

I said good bye to my grandma and told my parents I would be at Scarlett's. With that I set out to find my whack job of a best friend.

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