вŕόķέή ((1D fanfic))

I am broken, can you hear me?
Kate an 18 years old teen, meets her destined mate..Zayn Malik..
But what happens when her broken feelings regain power?
Will love be a matter of past?

Read out to find out.xx
I am new here!


25. Surprising chapter

I walked slowly, the street, as I breathed in the smoke. I remember as if it was yesterday..

 I jumped of the window, as hit the ground, breaking a few bones. The boys soon took me to the hospital, as I flee away the next day. The doctors lied, saying I vanished, and things as I paid them.

as much as it hurts me, I became a kid street. 

I am not dead, but broken..

Her, was the light of my life, but she went..leaving me alone...

i am broken, and I can't never get fixed..I soon found her diary during the funeral..

and I read..what I didn't want to read:

If forgetting existed, I wouldn't be broken,

if loving is simple, I wouldn't be crying,

if I knew the path, I would always reverse the way,

li wish I can find you, but disappear in the thin air,

Finding you might not be easy, but crying over you is harder,

zayn Malik, would you heal my broken heart?

would you put on a charm to fix me?

would you say you love me?

keep your answers boy, cause I got one trouble

 my heart isn't the only thing broken..



        Iam broken in many ways, you just can't imagine..

i threw the can of smoke, as I entered to a bar. I saw Niall. I tried to ran away, but his strong grip in my arm. "Zayn?!" I nod, looking away. He hugged me, as he cried in my chest..

I am broken..just like her..




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