вŕόķέή ((1D fanfic))

I am broken, can you hear me?
Kate an 18 years old teen, meets her destined mate..Zayn Malik..
But what happens when her broken feelings regain power?
Will love be a matter of past?

Read out to find out.xx
I am new here!


18. Chapter twelve


we all sat there, looking down, tears building up in our eyes. Louis stood there tears running in his checks, Harry looking down, patrica crying so hard, cam well she was so hurt..she cried her eyes out.

 Niall well..he was in a bad state. We all sat down there, waiting for the operation to end. I can't loose her, not yet. Niall isn't worth her, and he is cheating on her! How dare him!

my hands clenched to fists, as I hit the wall, and cried. "I just can't loose her" Louis came next to me, nodding his head while tears streaming down his face. When this thingy happen, he always turn to a sensitive guy..

soon enough, the doc came in with a palm face expression. We all stood up, as we run to the doc. "She is in a coma.and I am not sure when she is gonna wake up. Her head been hit badly, as well other her arms." He said, as he looked at my eyes. My angry eyes..it was his fault! If he didn't cheat on her, nothing could have happen! If she was mine!

i run to her room, as I sat next to her peaceful body in the cold bed. I sat down next to her, holding her hand, as tears were streaming down my face, "please stay..don't leave me alone..o can't leave without you" I cried, as I felt a coat in my back, I turned around to see Harry giving my the apologetic face, and closed the door. I kissed her forehead, as I cried almost an hour, till there was no tears left.

the boys came in awhile, checking her, and giving me food. It been weeks since she was in acoma, and I can't remember when did I move from this chair.."bro, u can't stay there forever"Liam said, looking down holding his girlfriend hand. I ignored it, as I stared at her beautiful face, her perfect lips, that once I kissed..

It was three moths ago, when I kissed her, she didn't kiss back, but I felt fireworks inside me. From that day, I confirmed that she is the right person..nobody ever made me feel like this..


it been a year since she was in a coma, as we visit often to her. Zayn didn't move from there, since it. We all walked in to the room, to see doctors surrounding her. "what happened?!" I asked, looking at a crying zayn. "She is.."

what?! "Her heart Is stopping, and the doctors are trying to.." He cried in my shoulders, as I stared blankly as the doctors giving her electric device in her chest. We all looked down, as tears run our checks.

i can't believe this all happened..zayn canceled his year in the college, for her..he deserves her, but I had a question from a year ago..

what was the past she is hiding?! Who is josh? And more importantly, why does her face goes pale whenever we bring up the subject?!

questions soon interrupted, by a happy zayn, "kate!" He said, hugging her tight. She hugged back, but groan in pain. He sat her down back, as we stared at her.

"guys, what happened?"we all looked down.."it been a year, since you got in an accident" zayn said, as he hold her hands. She looked shocked, and nod, she was surprised. 

"Guys I think it is time to tell you..about my past..before I regret. It.."




love you all <3

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