вŕόķέή ((1D fanfic))

I am broken, can you hear me?
Kate an 18 years old teen, meets her destined mate..Zayn Malik..
But what happens when her broken feelings regain power?
Will love be a matter of past?

Read out to find out.xx
I am new here!


15. Chapter ten

I looked down, as I walked with Niall to his room. He sigh as he examine me up and down. 

I sat down, and Niall sat next to me, smiling, then blushed. "Would you be mine?" He asked, looking at my deep brown eyes. I nod, as our face got inches away, and soon his lips pressed in mine.

i felt I could fly

i feel am a light feather

he makes me feel good, but still..

i feel broken still.

I soon hugged him, as he smiled down at me. "I love you" he whispered at my ear, I blushed.

i walked to the door, "I am going now" he nods, as I opened the door to face zayn broken. He walked past me to Niall, as I walked back to my room. I cried, as patrica tried to chill me down.

 "Omg what happened?!" She said pretty pissed off. "Nothing" she didn't take it first, but then smiled at me. Why am I crying?! Is it cause he is mad at me?! I gulped, and went to the bathroom.

 I stayed there doing my bath as I thought..

does he loves me?!

what if  I am gonna be broken way more..

i feel so tired as I walked back to my room, with my clothes on. Don't take the wrong idea, but it is enough, boys seeing me with a towel. Zayn was there, looking at me with wide sad eyes. I looked away. As much as it hurts, it hurts me too..I don't know why..

he looked away, "so u choose him" was all he said, as he walked out of his room. I cried my eyes out, as I talked to the ground crying.

soon enough I went downstairs, trying hard not to cry. Niall smiled as he hugged me, and sat me down at his lap. The rest of the girls in their boyfriends lap. I smiled, but soon saw zayn sad face.

"today we are going to bowling." Harry stated, as each of us nod, except zayn. "Sorry I will pass" zayn said, walking upstairs. Everyone looked at me and Niall and sigh.

i followed zayn, as I grab his arm. "Please come..with us" I said looking at him with pleading eyes. Without I knew it, he kissed me, I felt fireworks, but I broke the kiss. "Am sorry" as he closed his door shut.

zayn kissed me..it felt different. I walked back to the guys in the cad, as we headed there, I guess fun is waiting for us.

sorry zayn my heart is taken




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