The Follow Spree that changed my life

Jennifer has medium length hair , with green eyes and braces , she lives in ireland , dublin and is in her finale year of school ! then off to collage to study being a presenter


8. chapter 8

Jennifer's POV

We finally landed and we where now in the car to the hotel "im getting my own room" i called "yeah , and your sharing with ciara there is 2 double beds " my dad said "uhhh" i moaned "jennifer" my mam warned , we pulled up to the hotel and checked in and went to our room "right ciara , jennifer in 304 me and your dad in 305 and 306 aidan and danielle " my mam said "okey" i smiled going into my room there was a kitchen , then a sitting room then a bedroom with 2 double beds "im unpacking ciara come on" i smiled as we walked in to the room 


i started to unpack my clothes and put them on hangers in the closet , i took out my hair stuff and beauty stuff on the dresser 

"you packed all that !" ciara said "yeah and" i said she just rolled her eyes and unpacked 

I turned on the telly and seen MTV news "Just in One direction's Louis tomlinson has admitted to being in love with an irish girl named j-" thats when i turned it off "shit , shit ,shit ,shit " i whispered

"whats wrong ?" ciara asked "NOTING" i said wipe eyed "something is up" ciara challenged 

"swer not to tell mam and dad " "swer" "ok i've been chatting to louis from one direction , and he said he liked liked me" i said looking down at the ground "yeah right tell me" she said   "i just did" i said showing her the text "holy fuck" she said "dont tell anyone" i said "swer to god" she said 


*next night* 

I put my jean shorts , and my tank top saying 'Love is a drug'  , i curled my hair and did my make up "ready " my mam asked "yeah " i called grabbing my phone .

We walked down to see a black SUV "are you jennifer ?" he asked "yeah are you paul?" i asked "yep come on in" he smiled as we climbed in and drove to the venue 


"holy crap this place is huge" i said "isn't it ?" my mam said as we gave in our tickets , we got drinks and then went to our sits we walked down to the front , and we got seated "this is our seats ?" i said "yeah" the man said and walked off "ok mam i need to tell you something " i said taking in a deep breath "i was talking to louis from one direction ,and he gave me tickets to come her tonight and later im meeting him and the band" i said my mam just laughed "look" i said showing her my phone she read it and then looked at me "he loves you?" my mam questioned "shit your not suppose to see that " "and you love him back?" she asked "erm , ya ?" i said "love your not dating a 21 year old" my mam said i ignored her last comment 


*After concert* 

"that was the best concert ever!" i told my mam who ignored me "mam whats wrong !" i asked "noting" she replied as we walked around backstage "hey im here to see louis ?" i asked "who are you ?" "jennifer " "pass" he said as i showed him the pass he let me in "mum i feel sick"  i said "hmmm " "dont tell dad" i pleaded "i wont" she replied "thank you" i smiled

we walked back stage where i seen louis "mr.tomlinson someone is here to see you  " he said louis looked back and noticed me "JENNIFER!" he asked "yep" i smiled he went straight in to hug me "its amazing to see you" he smiled "same here" i said hugging him back "it feels like i known you forever and havent seen you forever " i smiled "same" he said hugging me tightly

"cough cough" my mam said "oh louis this is my mam patricia" i smiled "hello" he smiled "hello" my mam said back "mam " "what" "come with me!" i growled "what?" "what the hell are you doing mam !" "im not doing anything " "just go home mam please i want to talk to louis with out you being rude" i said "i'll be outside " she replied

I walked back in to louis "im back , im so sorry about my mam" i sighed "its fine " "its not i told her and showed her a text caz she didnt believe it and then seen you and i saying we like eachother and hasnt really talked to me" i sighed "its fine" "its not , maybe we can go to starbucks tomorrow at 12 , there is one around the the block from me" i smiled "ya sure here give me your number so i can text you" he smiled "ok its 08*****" i smiled "ok well you better go , nice to meet you jen" he smiled hugging me "nice to meet you to " i smiled walking out "do you want a jocky back ?" he asked "a what ?" i laughed " a jockey back ? to the car " he smiled "sure" i smiled hoping on his back as we walked out to the car. 

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