The Follow Spree that changed my life

Jennifer has medium length hair , with green eyes and braces , she lives in ireland , dublin and is in her finale year of school ! then off to collage to study being a presenter


3. chapter 3

Jennifer's POV

I was awoken by my sister pulling my quilts "leave me de fuck alone" i moaned tossing on my stomach "JENNIFER ! WE'RE LATE! " she yelled , i finally moved up and got off my bed , i got into my uniform and grabbed my keys and my phone and dropped ciara and danielle to there school and i drove to mine we're i seen Lisa , laurn and chloe waiting for me "sooooo sorry woke up late " i said getting out of my car "where did you get that ?" lisa asked "my mam and dad bought it for me"  i smiled as we walked into our main room "oh girls you are finally here , so the graduation is tonight i hope you are all there" ms.brady smiled "you can do whatever you want for the next hour " she smiled as we started to talk and talk



i curled my last hair , and then went to do my makeup , i put on my hot pink mid-tight dress with my hot pink heels and walked down stairs "hey " my mam smiled putting on her makeup "hey mam , so is everyone ready ?" i asked "ya there out in the car come on" she smiled as we walked out to the car i sat in the passenger seat as my mam sat in the back with my other sisters and brother

I looked at my twitter where alot of tweets where saying 'LARRY IS REAL AND LOUIS HAS FINALLY TOLD ELOUNOR HE LOVED HARRY !' i then seen a tweet from louis 'im not dating or nor will i date harry he is my best mate and im not in love with him this is a load of bullshit " i decided to dm him and ask if he was alright 'hey louis i just seen the larry shippers , your right it is a load of bull ! there very annoying , im so sorry you broke up :( you were perf but if you need to talk im here ... i no you wont c this but if you do :) x' i press send as we pulled up to the venue this is going to be the best night ever !   

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