The Follow Spree that changed my life

Jennifer has medium length hair , with green eyes and braces , she lives in ireland , dublin and is in her finale year of school ! then off to collage to study being a presenter


26. Chapter 26

Jennifer's POV

Its been 2 weeks since what happened , im still upset but the radio gave me a couple days off to get my head right so im very grateful . 


'buzzzbuzzzzzzz' I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off , i pressed ignore and got up , i went to the bathroom and started to shower and get ready for my first day back. 


I turned on the hot water and let it run down my back . After 20 minutes i got out and dried myself , I got dressed into a pair of jeans and a heavy jumper that had a mustache on it , I grabbed my ankle boots , i applied my makeup and then curled my hair.  

I went downstairs to see louis with a coffee in his hand is my portable cup "thanks babe" i smiled pecking his cheek "you can go to bed , its only 7 " i smiled putting the coffee down and grabbing my heavy coat  since its almost October , and its raining and cold out " I do to wish my best girl goodluck" he smiled "Cheesy , you have a meeting to at 12 so dont be late .. .again" i smiled kissing his cheek as i walked out to the hallway "i wont" he laughed waving as i drove off to work


I parked my car outside , and walked into the towers , i walked up to the floor where i seen nick "hey nick" i smiled "hey jennifer, you ok" he asked "im fine, just need to get over it " i fake smiled "Tom wants you" Leah said coming over to me "ok" i said walking into the boss office "yeah ?" i asked "Im so sorry for your lost " he said "its ok , so you wanted me ?" "yes we have a new slot , and you are young so you know all the good music , so do you want to do a hot 30 week night with a new presenter ?" he asked "yes ! " i smiled "are you serious ?"  i smiled "yes i am , if you want you can still work with nick interviewing " he smiled "yeah , i will " i smiled "great , you start tomorrow" he smiled as i walked out "thank you so much" i smiled as i went into the studio "Ready ?" nick smiled "yep" i smiled back as we started to air 


"GOOD MORNING ENGLAND!" i said into the microphone "so we thought , monday already sucks why not make it better ? yes thats right your listening to 'morning with nick and jennifer' " nick said into the microphone "Lets start this morning off with a bit on one direction ? here is Best song ever" i said as we played it.


"Well thats all for today , join in tomorrow for a chance to win tickets to Jessie J meet and greet tickets along with seeing her live in london , tune in tomorrow for your chance in winning" i said as we went to ads


I walked down to the staff room to meet the new girl.

I walked over and seen a girl around 19 wearing quirky clothes but super cute and had brown hair  she was very pretty "Hey you must be paige " i smiled "ye i am , hi are you jennifer" she smiled "ye , do you want to get lunch and get to know eachother ?" i asked "yeah there is a nice food place down the road" she smiled as we walked out to the food joint , and got to know eachother   

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