The Follow Spree that changed my life

Jennifer has medium length hair , with green eyes and braces , she lives in ireland , dublin and is in her finale year of school ! then off to collage to study being a presenter


25. chapter 25

Jennifer's POV

It has been 3 months , and my mam and dad haven't called me once , which kinda making me upset there this annoyed over my baby inside me , Zoe is 9 months now so is due any moment , We haven't told anyone yet apart from louis' family and the boys plue perrie


We went up stairs to get ready for bed when louis said "we should take a picture every month to show your bump , since it is showing" he smiled "alright" i smiled "now" he said "oh ok" i sighed getting up to the window , i cant help but smile , im loving my little family "done" he smiled as i went to bed , he showed me the picture "My two loves" he smiled kissing my lips "Our perfect little family" i smiled going to sleep , i have to be in early tomorrow for work nick wont be in !



*middle of the night*

I woke up and felt ..blood ? "Louis im bleeding a lot" i said waking him up "oh shit come on" he said lifting me up , as we ran to the car and drove to the hospital

Louis' POV

"QUICK , ANYONE MY GIRLFRIEND " i shouted then doctors came in racing her down to surgery as  i got questions "do you know what happened ?" the nurse asked "no , she was grand last night , then 10 minutes ago she woke up bleeding " i sighed i might be losing my baby "Ok well she is out if you want to see her" "yeah were is she?" she pointed over to the bed were she was lying 

"Jen you ok?" i asked hugging her "what if the baby isn't ?" she cried "shh, you dont know that" i said still hugging her 


A couple minutes later the doctor came in "Im so sorry , but you had a miscarriage" he said "no no no" jen cried putting her head into her hands , while i was speechless "shh babe" i said as my eye sight went blurry "Its ok , maybe we just need more time to prepare for a family" i said wiping my eyes and holding on to jen "its all my fault i wished it" she cried "no its not , dont say that , come on lets go home" i said rubbing her back she just shook her head and we drove home silent "its all my fault" she cried looking at her stomach "its not jen listen , it only happened for a reasons , wishs like that dont come true , you are under stress with your job and your family , it happens , we can try when we are older " i said hugging her "i know its just i want this baby so much and i fucked up" she said as tears started in her eyes , i wiped them off and we walked up to our flat , she just ran up to the room and i could her cries . I decided to Get her ,her favorite thing , hot chocolate with whipped cream marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles , i brought it up and seen her still crying "Thanks lou" she said though her tears taking a sip      


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