The Follow Spree that changed my life

Jennifer has medium length hair , with green eyes and braces , she lives in ireland , dublin and is in her finale year of school ! then off to collage to study being a presenter


15. Chapter 15

Louis' POV 

We walked up to her room and i seen the place in a mess and tissue everywhere "You hurt me , you were my first boyfriend and you broke my heart " she cried  "im sorry jennifer , please i love you so much" i begged on the edge of tears "i love you to but louis i-" "please " i said going in for a kiss , she didnt kiss back but then did , we kissed for a couple minutes until her dad came in "Jennifer !" he yelled , she smiled and then looked at her dad "Sorry daddy , but i still love him , it was just a mistake " she smiled looking at me "You hurt her , your dead " he warned then walked out "i love you so so so much" she smiled kissing me " i love you to , so im i still your debs date ?" i smiled "of course" she smiled i lifted her up and set her on my waist kissing her just when i was about to ask for entrance 4 girls came in  "JENNIFER WHO IS THIS ?" the small girl asked "oh girls this is louis , my boyfriend " she smiled "wait hold the fuck up , so you never had a boyfriend and now you have a one direction one ?" the tall one asked "yeah " she smiled hugging me around the waist as i put my arm around her neck "ok , well since you are now happy , i have to get my stuff ready for tomorrow" the other tall one said "ok see you tomorrow right ?" she smiled "yeah see you later jen" they all smiled leaving as i started to kiss her again "no , you need to get ready to " she smiled "but ..." "no buts , i need too to , i need to get my nails done " she smiled "fine , bye babe" i smiled kissing her cheek "byeee" she smiled as i left and she got her bag and stuff


*Next night *

i did my hair and put on my suit and got ready.


Jennifer's POV

I woke up at 10 and we went to the hair dressers to get my hair done

"hello so what would you like ?" the lady said as i sat down  i showed her a picture and she got straight on it "so who are you going with ?" she asked "oh my boyfriend" i smiled "oh " she smiled "i didnt know you had a boyfriend" she smiled "we started to date 1 month ago" i smiled remembering the night that he asked me


"ok well your done , enjoy your night" she smiled as my mam paid and we walked out to the car to go home "So what about my car ?" i asked her as we  drove "your dad is paying for it " she said stopping at the lights "im so nervous" i said holding my stomach "dont worry , it will be great , and your staying in a hotel anyway so " she said driving off "i suppose so it liz doing my makeup?" i asked "yeah , i cant believe it my baby is getting ready for her debs "  she said pulling in to see liz in the car "hey liz" i smiled as she got out "your hair is beautiful" she smiled "thanks , so you ready to do my makeup since it is 4 and i leave at 6 ! " i said realizing the time "yes " she smiled as we walked up stairs to my room and started 



 i put on my dress and looked in the mirror , i looked beautiful my hair in a side bun slightly messy with my fringe and then my makeup , lovely nature style and then my beautiful dress that fit me perfect , A long slim greeny bluey colour with a cute design in the middle and was very light , i put on my sliver earrings and my sliver necklace , with my sliver clutch  , i walked down stairs to see louis in a black suite and a tie the same colour as my dress , he haded me a flower to put on my wrist and then gave me a bunch of rose's "Thanks lou" i smiled kissing is cheek "you look beautiful" he smiled "not to bad yourself" i smiled walking in the kitchen to see loads of my family and even my slut of a cousin ally "hey  " i smiled as everyone cheered "you look so beautiful " my auntie smiled "thanks elle " i smiled , We opened the champagne and started to drink some as we got our photos done


We left after an hour and drove to were the bus is taking us "bye mam""bye"  i smiled and louis smiled as me and louis got out of the car and walked to the bus "what about if there are any fans?" he asked me as we got to the bus "shit , do what you want to do" i smiled kissing his cheek "ok" he smiled as we walked onto the bus and sat beside my friends "you look amazing" lauren smiled "thanks so do you" i smiled "oh lauren louis , louis lauren " i smiled as we drove off 

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