The Follow Spree that changed my life

Jennifer has medium length hair , with green eyes and braces , she lives in ireland , dublin and is in her finale year of school ! then off to collage to study being a presenter


13. Chapter 13

*1 month later * 

Jennifer's POV

"ok bye babe" louis smiled kissing my lips "im going to miss you " i cried kissing back "Hey i will see you in 2 weeks for your debs remember " he smiled "i suppose " i sighed kissing him again "Jennifer we will miss the plane if you dont hurry up" danielle shouted "well i guess , i will see you soon babe" louis smiled kissing me again "bye" i smiled waving as i got into the cab to drive off 

I waved at him until i couldn't see him anymore "I still dont agree on this " My dad said "Gary come on she is 18 now ! you need to give her some space" my mam said "bu-" "but noting , " my mam said as i changed louis' name to 'Loubear<3' I then texted him 

'miss u already :( ' -me

'i miss you 2 xx but 2 weeks im off and its your debs :)) be happy your going home to see you friends '-loubear<3

' i no but im not going home with you :( x' - me

'i know babe , im off for a month so , i want you to meet my family , then soon enough let media find out :) XX i have to go byeee babe xx' -loubear<3 

'sounds good byeeeeeee' -me



We boarded the plane and started the long ride home  


*Ireland / home*

As we walked into our house i noticed the builders gone and the building perfect ! "Im seeing my new room" i yelled running upstairs , i seen a long hallway where the bathroom was , was now down to the left and then i seen my NEW room on the right , i opened the door to see a big huge room with a feature wall and the others pink ! i then seen my double bed with a fitted in closet with my clothes in it , then the fairy lights around my bed , There was a dresser on the far right and a study table on the left with a new laptop and a cute lamp "I LOVE IT" I screamed as my family came up "Thats not fair jennifer gets the biggest room " danielle sulked "look in yours " my dad said as they all ran into there's "we're sorry we were so mean about you and louis its just your our first baby and we dont want you to grow up , so as apart of your birthday present we got you this and its a preset for saying we are sorry" my dad smiled giving me a box , i opened it to see a black iphone 4s ! "I LOVE YOU GUYS" i smiled looking at it "your welcome , im going to get to bed , i'll see you in a while " my mam said saying goodnight since it was 11 ! "same i have big jet leg night night sweetheart " my dad smiled "night" i smiled looking around my new room i then realized my dress for my debs ! , i took it out of my case and hung it up as i straighted it i then put my suite case beside my drews and got ready for bed since it was 11

i got ready and hopped into bed when i got a call from louis *J-jennifer L- louis*

L: hey babe you home ?

J: yeah im in my new bedroom

L: ahah did you get it done ?

J: yeah ! its freaking amazing , listen im going to go to bed i'll facetime you later baby

L:night jen , love you and miss you !

J: i miss you to but 2 weeks then i ll see you  love youuuuu nighttt 

L: niggghhhhhhhhttttttt 


I hung up and then fell asleep 

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