The Follow Spree that changed my life

Jennifer has medium length hair , with green eyes and braces , she lives in ireland , dublin and is in her finale year of school ! then off to collage to study being a presenter


12. chapter 12

Jennifer's POV


i woke up ,and seen a note on my dresser 'We're sorry jen . but we cant let you date louis but you can be friends noting more ! -mam and dad ' "Great" i said rolling my eyes looking at the note , i then seen ciara fast asleep on her bed


I got in the shower , and washed myself , i then got into my bikini and put a pair of sports shorts on with a baggy top and my flipflops , I tied  my hair up into a messy bun ,and walked into my mam and dads room "im going for a swim" i said as My mam nodded "Jen im sorry" she sighed "what ever " i replied walking down the stairs to the swimming pool 

I took off my clothes and started to swim when i seen louis "hey babe" he smiled from the pool edge "hey " i smiled swimming over to him "why you here ?" "we got moved from our hotel here" he smiled "yay !" i smiled "wheres my hug?" he asked "im wet ?" " i dont care i want my hug from my girl" he smiled as i hugged him "much better" "i know , so do you want to go out today ,go shopping or something ?" i smiled "yeah sure get dressed and we shell go" he smiled as i grabbed my clothes and walked up stairs "come on my room" i smiled bring him in "im not allowed ?" he asked "ignore that sign , for no-boys my mam put it there , she hates that fact that im dating you , she said we can be just friends ..she will finally realize im not listening to her" i smiled going to my room where my mam was "really? " she said full of anger "MAM ! im dating him and i dont care ok !  im almost 18 let me please" i begged on the edge of tears (it always works) "i donno , let me think ok ?" she smiled "THANK YOU !" i smiled hugging her "no making love got it ?" "yes" i laughed hugging her "right , but you telling your dad" "i will thank you mam" i smiled getting out my underwear to change "ok i'll be out with the girls where going shopping , and remember" she said leaving "THANK YOU" i shouted as she left .


I quickly changed and then went back out "guess who is allowed to date a sexy boy named louis" i smiled kissing his cheeks "really?" he smiled "yes really , come on lets go" i smiled as he pecked my lips , We left holding hands going down the hall ways "i love you jennifer" louis smiled "i - i love you to " i smiled hugging him



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