One Love

Everyday Riley Grey would go home from school, and cry her heart out because she never felt loved. She was always bullied and pushed around most of her life. Then one day, Justin Bieber, pop music's new sensation visited their school and made it even worse for Riley. Mainly because she liked Justin, and she thought that Justin would make fun of her. But what happens if what Riley thought was the opposite? What if it's not? Guess you have to find out... ;)


19. "Yes."


-7:00 AM-

The alarm went off. 

I could feel Riley getting out of bed and walking over to the other side to press shut it off. To tell you the truth, I was already awake at 6 AM. I didn't want to disturb Riley, so I just laid there on my bed filled with a million thoughts. I wanted to ask Riley if she was willing to go on tour with me, but I didn't want her to choose between her studies and me. Because I knew school was one of her main priorities.

I kept on thinking to myself:

"What if she leaves me?" 

"What if she thinks I'm being selfish and gets mad at me?"

"What if she won't love me anymore?" that one hurts the most. 

all of the what ifs I could come up with..


Then Riley's voice interrupted my thoughts,

"Baby wake up it's 7." she walked over to me and pecked my cheek.

I smiled at her, "A peck on the cheek isn't enough for me to get out of bed." I was teasing her, and she knew I was. 

"hmm.. then how about this?" she bent down and planted a delicate kiss on my lips. I loved it when she kissed me slowly. 

"ahh, better."

She gave me a look and stuck out her tongue, "now shut up and get dressed."

noooooo I hated school. Especially if you're "Justin Bieber" and all you hear everyday is 

"Justin can we be friends?" "Justin can I have a picture" "Justin come to my party" and justin this and justin that

"Why are you making me gooo"

"Because I love you, and I need you to listen to me."

It was weird how she reminded me of my mother.. but I didn't care.

I smiled and hugged her from behind, she screamed and we both laughed. 

"Justin I hate you!"

I pouted, "no you don't."

she pounted too, "oh yes I do."

I ran over to her and tackled her onto the bed and began to tickle her, "no you don't."

She was yelling "STOP" and "NO" in between laughs. 


I looked over that the clock and it was almost 8. Shit. 

"Justin! We have half an hour to get to school. Stop and get changed."

"But I didn't bring any clothes."

"ugh really Justin? You didn't bother to tell me that before you stayed for the night?"

"I didn't want you to change your mind since I know how easy you do. Plus, I didn't care what I had to wear the next morning. All that mattered was that I got to spend the night with my princess." I smiled.

She blushed, and kissed me on the lips one last time before we left.

*****AT SCHOOL*****


-8:23 AM- 

We got there around 8:20 with not that much time left for me to get my books and get to class. Justin ran with me to our lockers and we grabbed our books. Since we both have English as a first period together, things were easy.


While I was walking to class with Justin, I couldn't help but think about what Justin was thinking about this morning. I noticed he was just lost in his mind somewhere, and I interrupted it when I told him to get up. Is he hiding something from me? I didn't like secrets, so I asked him,

"Justin, is there anything you wanted to tell me?"

He froze, "what do you mean, Riles?"

I sighed, "I dunno.. you were a little weird this morning."

"No baby, don't worry about me ok? I'm fine," he stopped and held both of my hands, "but when we get to your house after school I need to ask you something."

"Ok." was the last word that slipped out of my mouth. I was a little curious of what he wanted to ask me, but I knew I would found out later so it didn't worry me.


We walked into class and everyone stared at us. I could tell Justin seemed use to it.. but it made me feel a little uncomfortable. But I should've seen it coming since me and Justin are everywhere online. Plus we walked into the classroom with our fingers intertwined. 

Bridget walked up to us and gave us a look, "Aww look, it's the happy couple."

I just walked past her, I didn't have time for her shit. 

"Whoa, Riles where do you think you're going?"

I gave her a sarcastic look, "uhm my seat? This isn't the mall bridget.. it's school. I came here to learn, not talk to you."

Everyone gave me a surprised look and started to giggle. I could tell Justin was laughing a little too.

"Excuse you?" was all Bridget could come out with. 

"I don't want trouble Bridget. just let me get to my seat." she moved out of the way, and I took a seat.

She sat right next to me and whispered into my ear, "You don't deserve him," I was taken by surprise, but I kept my face straight. "I know what you're trying to do. It's not gonna last long."

Is this bitch crazy? what the hell

"What are you talking about..?" I gave her a 'what the hell is wrong with you look' 

"I'm talking about once he leaves for his tour tomorrow, you'll be the same lonely Riley you were last week."

"What? He's not leaving for his tour tomorrow. He already told me that it won't be for awhile."

She laughed at me, "Check your sources, hun. His manager rescheduled it. Just face the fact that you're only a mini high school fling." I was hurt. Why didn't justin tell me about his tour starting sooner than expected? Why did I have to hear it from bridget? This was all too much.


"Good Morning class, I'm Mrs. Dale. Mr. Vixen is sick today and he asked me to fill in."

.... great.




Finally. the end of 45 minutes of boredom. I missed talking to Riley. To think me and Riley could've cuddled together within that 45 minutes of meaningless information. 

I ran over to Riley, to see she was still packing up her things.

"Hey rileybear."

No answer. She walked out the door, and didn't even look at me.

I ran after her, "Wait Riley!" 

she looked back.

"hey, what's wrong?

"You." she spat at me.

I grabbed her arm, "aye aye aye, please talk to me. What did I do?"

She hesitated, "Why didn't you tell me you're leaving tomorrow?"

I didn't know what to say. "wait what?"

"Justin give it up. I know you're going on tour tomorrow."

"Who told you?"

she looked at me with hurt, "It doesn't matter who told me. Were you just planning to leave tomorrow without saying anything to me?"

"No no, of course not!"

I could feel she was about to cry, "then why didn't you tell me?" she began to sniff.

"hey hey hey. Riley no, don't cry," I hugged her tight, "that was what I wanted to ask you later."

She looked up at me, "what do you mean?"

"This morning. When I told you I wanted to ask you something when we got to your house. I wanted to ask you i you'd go on tour with me."

She was surprised, "What?"

"Yea.. I knew it was a lot to ask for but I can't stay away from you for 5 months. I know school's important for you so I called Scooter awhile ago, before I knew when the tour was starting, and asked him to get you a great private tutor on the road."

"Oh Justin," she gave me a hug and kissed my lips, "that is so sweet. Thank you."

"Soooo is that a yes?"

She smiled and looked at me, "hmm... I get to travel all around the world, eat the food all around the world, meet your incredible fans, spend 5 months with you, AND get a great education? It pretty much sums up my fairy tale.",she giggled and smiled. 

"Soo.. yes?"


We both laughed and I picked her up and hugged her. It was weird how we've only known each other for less than a week.. but we've spent it like we've known each other forever. I think I might sound crazy.. but I do know I've seen her before. I was in love with her too. Maybe it was back in Stratford. I don't know. She said yes, and that's all that matters.







Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated in awhile :(

Btw did you notice the "all that matters" references

I've been making? lol. So how are you guys? It's been a crazy

2 weeks since I wasn't on.. but if you follow my twitter, you

would've known what I was doing aha. The Believe Movie 

came out 2 days ago and OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD.  

I cried so much. it was such a good movie and I watched it twice too.. lol.

Well I'll just leave you guys with this and btw the next

chapter is gonna be about Riley meeting Justin's mom (Pattie) and that's basically

it so sorry if the next chapter is gonna be short but yea. The chapter

after that will be better lol. Well hope you guys had a nice

Bieber Christmas! Bye and dont forget to follow my twitter @ontariosnight!

















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