One Love

Everyday Riley Grey would go home from school, and cry her heart out because she never felt loved. She was always bullied and pushed around most of her life. Then one day, Justin Bieber, pop music's new sensation visited their school and made it even worse for Riley. Mainly because she liked Justin, and she thought that Justin would make fun of her. But what happens if what Riley thought was the opposite? What if it's not? Guess you have to find out... ;)


14. The Recording

-Justin's POV-

Just as we were about to leave we both looked out the window.


There was a swarm of paparazzi, and it was even larger than the one at my house. I looked at Riley, and she looked at me.


"Justin, how are we going to get out?"


"I have no clue," Riley looked scared, "well hey, here I'll call Kenny, and see where he's at."




I called us Kenny, 




*Kenny picks up the phone*


Kenny: sup jb


Me: hey ken, can you hurry down to the mall. Me and Riley are stuck.


Kenny: I can see..


Me: what? what do you mean you can 'see'


Kenny: I mean, I'm outside of the mall, trying to get through these thristy ass people. Come outside with Riley, I'll get you two safe.


Me: Kay, thanks bro. We're coming.




Kenny's weird.. but funny. I looked over to Riley, and told her that we're good to go.

She nodded, and we walked outside the doors of the mall.


We both looked for Kenny, but we couldn't see him.


I started to panic because he said he was right there..


I took Riley's hand, and started running the other direction of the paparazzis. Unfortunately, they caught up to us and started asking the same questions, 


"Who was that girl who you were talking to?" & "Why were you fighting with that girl?"


One of them was the same guy that Riley was talking to the other day. I actually liked him. He wasn't as much of a low life as the others were. 


"Justin! hEY Justin!" "Justin, bro look here!" "hey man, can you answer some questions?"


I ignored most of them, but then a little girl walked over to me and Riley. 


"Justin, is your friend hurt? I saw what that mean girl did to her."

She was about 10, I could tell. 


Riley answered before I did,

"Aw sweetie, I'm fine. Thank you for asking."


The little girl gave Riley a hug, "I'm glad your okay."


I was really surprised. The little girl was so cute and nice.


"Sweetie, where's your mom?" I asked her.


"Hi Justin!! My mom's over there!" She pointed who her mom who looked like she was finding something.. or someone.


"Hey cutie pie, did you run away from your mom?"


"Oops.. maybe." She frowned, and I picked her up.


"Hey, don't feel bad. We'll get you to her."






The paparazzi was still all over us, but we didn't seem to care anymore. 


Riley and I carried the little girl back to her mom,

"Excuse me, mam?"


I asked the woman who looked scared


"Oh my god! You found her! Thank you so much." she took the little girl out of my arms, and hugged her tightly.


"Oh it's no problem. We're just glad she's safe." Riley told the mom.

We both smiled, and waved good bye to the mother and her child.


"That little girl was the sweetest little thing." Riley said to me.


I smiled, "Yea, my beliebers are the best. They'll always look out for me and my friends."


Riley smiled, and hugged my arm.




We turned around, and finally saw Kenny.




"Hey! What the fuck Kenny?!" I was yelling at him.


"Sorry man, I got hungry."


Me and Riley glared at him


"Are you fucking serious. You were 'hungry'?" 


"Sorry man, but hey you're 17.. you can deal with it."


"Whatever, just get us out of here."




Me and Riley were about to get into the car, then the guy who talked to Riley the other day showed up.


-Riley's POV-

"Hey! Yo Justin, can I talk to your girl?"


Justin looked at him, "Um, we kinda got a place to go."


"Please, bro! Is she okay?"


I peeked out the car door, 

"haha yea, I'm fine Rodge."


Justin looked at me weirdly.


"Good. Drive safe, and enjoy the day you two!"


"Thanks Rodge! We will."


Rodger left, and Justin looked at me.




"Oh.. yea. That's his name. Rodger, but I call him Rodge. He's really nice."


"Yea, I kinda like him too."




We were finally out of there.


When Bridgett came toward us, and pushed me I was speechless. I had the same feeling I did back in middle school. I was scared of her, and she knew I was. But I tried not to think about that anymore. I was going to the beach with Justin, and I was going to be safe, in Justin's arms the rest of the day.


The thought of that calmed me. I looked over to Justin, but he was already looking at me.


"Riles, are you alright?" He was concerned from his voice, I could tell.



"Yea, Justin. I'm fine. Don't worry about it, babe."



"What she did to you was just awful. I felt like we were back at the first day of school when she-"


I cut him off, because I knew where this was going.. And I'm pretty sure none of us want to repicture that moment.


"Justin, it's ok. What happened, happened. I'm fine I promise. Please don't be worried, I know Bridgett. She does that.. she did it ever since junior high. I learned to deal with it."



"But Riley, that's the thing. No girl should ever have to deal with that. Not ANYONE. Especially you. You're my princess and I'll always protect and love you."



"Aw Justin," I cooed, "no one has ever said that to me. Thank you." I hugged him tightly, feeling the warmth of this arms. He hugged me back, a little tighter and kissed my forehead. 



"It's no problem baby girl. I'm happy I'm the first one who said it, to be honest I'll probably won't sleep tonight if you said that someone else has already said it."



I giggled, and playfully smacked his arm. 

I leaned over, and Justin immediately went in for a kiss.



I pulled away and laughed at how excited he was when we kissed.



"Aye! I wasn't done." 


"Well I want to get out of hear, and relax at the beach.",  I looked at him.


"Fine... I have a surprise for you."




We both laughed and drove to the beach. I was a little tired, so I grabbed my phone to put on some music and take a nap.


I reached for my phone, and saw 3 text messages, all from the same 'Unknown Number'.


Oh yea! I didn't check my messages this morning. 




I opened the text message. Attached to one of the texts was a voicemail or some sort of recording.


I read the text:


"Do you really think Justin's into you? Think again."




I almost cried just looking at that. 



I clicked on the recording attached to it.




It sounded like Justin, from this morning... 



"Look Justin, you shouldn't do this to Riley,"




"She really cares about you. I can tell by how she looked at you. Don't be stupid. Emma's a nice girl, but Riley's something special."



"have fun with her. Just because me and Emma aren't together doesn't mean I don't care about her."




My heart dropped. How could he do this to me? But it doesn't make sense.. Justin wouldn't. Just the other day we were so happy.. this doesn't makes sense.


I was too upset to look or talk to Justin the whole ride. I texted Emma and asked if she still had feelings for Justin. 


I know it might be stupid, but I have to get answers.



To Emzaa;*:

Hey.. um do you still like Justin?



I was deciding whether or not I should press send..


After a few seconds of thinking.. I pressed it. I'm not in my best mood right now just fuck it. 


I got a reply a few seconds later



From Emzaa;*:

What? We're just friends, Riley.  




.. She didn't answer my question.



To Emzaa;*:

You didn't even answer my question. Do you still like him or not?



I looked at Justin, and he smiled. I gave a playful smirk.


"Babe.. is there something wrong?" Justin said looking at me.



"What? Oh everything's fine." I gave him an attitude, but I didn't care.



"Are you sure?"







Finally I got a text back.



From Emzaa;*

I'll be honest. Yes. Yes, I do but nothing is going on. I promise you Riley. You and him are happy and I wouldn't do anything. 




My heart dropped. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I couldn't believe it.


To Emzaa;*

I fucking knew it. 


I took out my headphones, and looked at Justin.


Surprisingly, we were already here. I'll give him a shit load when we get out. I swear.














peace out girl scout ;*













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