One Love

Everyday Riley Grey would go home from school, and cry her heart out because she never felt loved. She was always bullied and pushed around most of her life. Then one day, Justin Bieber, pop music's new sensation visited their school and made it even worse for Riley. Mainly because she liked Justin, and she thought that Justin would make fun of her. But what happens if what Riley thought was the opposite? What if it's not? Guess you have to find out... ;)


10. Public


-Riley's POV-

Justin came down, and I showed him the text.

He just kept on stuttering.. WHICH MEANS IT'S TRUE. HE DID CHEAT ON ME.

"I can't believe you! UGH."

I ran upstairs as fast as I can.


I ran to his room, and shut the door on his face, then locked it.

"Riley! Please open up!"


"Riley, it's my room!"

"I don't care.. go away."

"PLEASE! Can I just explain?!"


I sat there crying on the floor. Why would Justin do that to me? I know maybe we weren't "together", but we had something.. 


I put my ear against the door...


"Maybe he's gone." I thought,

I unlocked the door, and took a peek,


Justin came running in, and shut the door behind him.

"Let me out!" UGH. I HATE JUSTIN.

"No! Not until you let me tell you that I DID NOT cheat on you."

"Ok.. you didn't cheat on me because we were never 'together'. I get it. Now let me out!"

"No! Riley, I DID NOT SLEEP WITH ANYONE. I was with you the entire time at the party, and I was with you at school.. when we weren't even 'together'."

"If you were with me 'the ENTIRE TIME' at the party, then how did I get drugged? You never left my side right?"

"Riley, I carried you upstairs into a room, because you were knocked out. I put you on the bed, and went downstairs to find Chaz, to tell him that I'll be leaving early with you. When I came back, you were gone."


"Oh.. But-"

"Look, Riley. I would never do that to you. I really like you, and I would never even think about it. As for that text, I don't even know who it was. Someone's trying to mess with us, and our relationship. Please... you have to believe me."


Oh no.. I feel like an idiot.


"Justin, I'm so sorry," I stuttered, "I- I shouldn't of acted out, I should've let you explain, I- I"

"Baby, it's okay. I'm not mad. I'm guessing something happened like this before, and you didn't trust anyone after what happened."

".....Actually yea," I looked down, "This guy... he left me for someone else."



excuse me..


"Excuse, me." that was rude..

"If he didn't leave you, I wouldn't of had you in my life. The guy's a douche, and he didn't deserve you, Riles."




"Aw, thank you Justin. But... he's back."

Justin looked surprised, and looked a little worried,

"wait.. what?"

"Yea.. what makes it a lot weirder is that you actually know him.."

"Riles, who is it?"





-Justin's POV-

"Riles, who is it?"


My heart just dropped. Chaz? Chaz Somers? One of MY best friends? 


"I guess he didn't recognize me at first.. but he started to flirt with me, and I couldn't take it anymore so just told him who I was.. things were awkward at the party.."

What the hell? 

"Riley, why didn't you tell me this before. I saw Chaz clinging to you at the party, that's why I came over to you at the bar. I know Chaz's 'i wanna fuck you' face.. and he was giving you that face."

"Justin, nothing's going on. And if he has the nerve to touch me, I'll slap him. I'm with you.. nothing's going to change that. Not even a text would make me lo- I mean like you any less."

... Did she just almost drop the L word.. whoa.

She was a little surprised when she almost said it to, but I pretended like I didn't hear what she was about to say because I didn't want to make it even more awkward.


I smiled at her, 

"You know I care about you a lot right, Riley?"

"Of course I do." She smiled, and I leaned in. Our lips met again.

Every time we kissed, it felt so true and so right.

I think I'm falling.....

in love with her.




*phone buzzed*

I felt my phone buzz in my pocket, so I took it out to see what it was.

"bro.. when are we meeting? I just called Emma, and she's getting ready."

... Chaz.

"uhm.. I don't know if me and Riley can make it... we have something with her... um parents"

I didn't want me and Riley going on a double date with Chaz because I knew Chaz only wanted to get to get close to Riley.. and Riley was my girl.

"are you even that far bro.. come on! you fucking promised bieber."

that's true.. I did say that I was going. 

"man, i don't know. the parents thing was a commitment."

"yea right. i know when you're lying bieber.. why won't you go?"

"chaz, why you being so thirsty, man? we just can't go, okay."

there was a short silence before chaz responded over the phone.

"whatever bieber.. I'll call it off with Emma then."

"Chaz! Don't! why are you being an ass? just because we're not going to go doesn't mean you can't have a nice dinner with Emma.."

"Man.. i don't know. she was your ex.. it feels wrong."

Like that really mattered to him, he gave my Riley sex eyes.. the nerve of that guy.

"we weren't that serious. have fun with her.. I know me and emma aren't together.. but I still care about her."

"oh. okay bro, fine. I'll go on the date with Emma.."

"good." and with that, I hung up.




-Riley's POV-

I saw Justin talking on the phone.. and he looked pretty mad, but I didn't think that I should interfere. 

When Justin hung up, he walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek.

I giggled, "what was that for?"

"For being in my life."he winked. I blushed and playfully punched him,

"aww how sappy of you, justin." I stuck out my tongue and he playfully glared at me,

"I don't care. You're mine, and I'm so lucky to call you my girlfriend."

"aw, thank you justy. And I'm so lucky to call you my boyfriend."

He smiled.


It was almost 4:30pm and all me and justin did was watch tv, and cuddle. We talked, too. But we mostly just laid there.. together.

I wanted to ask him something.. but I wasn't sure if Justin would agree..

"Hey, babe?" I questioned Justin.

"Yea, riles?"

"Um.. I know we're together now. And it's amazing! .. But you.. uh.. maybe want to go public?"


-Justin's POV-

"Um.. I know we're together now. And it's amazing! .. But you.. uh.. maybe want to go public?"

I turned and looked at Riley,

"... well do you want to?"

To be honest, I didn't know. I like Riley.. alot. But I didn't want the media blowing up and all of my beliebers raging.. it would've been too much for her.

"I don't know.. I just don't want to say in all day and start going to movies and parks and you know stuff like that."

but.. Riley did have a point.

"Yea.. you're right," i started, "I'd love to be public."

She smiled and hugged me,

"Let's go to the movies!" she yelled, and jumped off the couch.

Aww she's so cute when she gets jittery.

"Aha.. okay."


It took Riley about 5 minutes to get changed,

wow. Riley's the fastest girl I've seen changed so quickly, while still looking absolutely gorgeous.

I looked at her, and whispered into her ear, "You know you're sexy right?"

I saw her blushing, then she hit me in the arm,


she laughed at  me,

"You know Riles.. you gotta stop hitting me whenever I compliment you. You're my girl.. you shouldn't be shy about it."

"I know.. it's just I haven't had an actual boyfriend ever since.. well you know.. chaz, and I guess the whole 'i care about you' thing is just kinda new to me."

"It's fine. I only tell you all these things because it's true."

She smiled, and hugged me tight.

"You know.. once we open that door.. there's no turning back.", she looked at me.

"Yup, I know. I want everyone to know that you're my girl."

We both smiled, and opened the door.






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