There are 2?!

Alexis is so in love with the new kid at school named Zayn, but things get complicated when she finds out more of his story.


1. Him

"Hey Alex!"

I turned to see my best friend Louis running towards me followed by a freshman carrying a stack of books.

"Look! I payed a first year to carry my books around all day!"

I looked over at the boy, he looked rather nerdy with square glasses resting on the tip of his nose and orange, curly hair. His glasses had slid down his nose and he was actively jerking his head back and twitching his nose trying to get them back up level to his eyes. He looked rather small very skinny with hardly any muscle.

I looked back at Louis, he was wearing the usual striped shirt and jeans. I shook my head and grinned. 

"Why are you making this poor freshman carry around your books for you?" I said and went to lighten his load he then had a free hand and pushed his glasses back up his nose.

"Because he offered and I don't want to do it myself." He sassed. He took the books from me and roughly dropped them back on the stack of books the boy was carrying. I shook my head and set my books down at the lunch table. 

"Just but the down right there and hears your money now run along." Louis told the boy. The boy took the money from Louis and scurried off to another table.

"So did you hear that we're getting a new kid in our history and English classes?" He said moving his books aside.

"Yeah, what was his name? Zayn? i asked.

"Yupp that's me!" I whipped my head around and saw a tall boy standing behind me with jet black hair and a dark brown eyes. Louis started laughing hysterically and banged his fist on the table. Zayn smiled. he took a seat next to me and looked at Louis.

"So, stalker you know my name but what's yours?" Zayn Smiled.

"Alexis. My friends call me Alex though." I smiled.

"Ok Alex," He started.

"Uh you're not my friend." I said looking at him seriously. Louis stopped laughing and Zayn's smile started to fade.

"Got you!" I laughed.

All three of us started laughing. That was one of the best lunch breaks I've had in a while. Being with Zayn and Louis was awesome. Louis was always cracking jokes and even though they sounded offensive Zayn had a good enough sense of humor that he laughed along with him. I knew that the three of us were gonna have a blast together. 

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