Unexpected Surprise

Liam Payne has a little sister that he never knew about, when he coming home from tour he's in for a little surprise…will he take it well? When he finds her will he become over protective of her? Find out when you read "unexpected surprise"


5. Wanna go Shopping with the boys

Liam's POV: We we're eating super when,  " shot I forgot my stuff at the centre!!!" "What stuff?" Mom asked "my clothes, and stuff like that" "well I can take you shopping tomorrow for some new clothes and bedroom stuff" "great idea Liam" mom chipped in "ok but where will I sleep tonight?" "You can sleep in my room if you don't mind sharing a bed for a night ?" "No" " ok great so what time will you guys leave for the mall?" Mom asked "around 10:53 so Sam be ready" "ok" and we finished supper. After super we cleaned up and went to get ready for bed cuz it was already 10:00 (we ate a late supper #rebels lol) and we haft to get up in the morning "Sam you can wear one of my shirts and jogging pants for tonight sense you don't have pj's at the moment" " thanks LiLi" and she hugged me before heading to the bathroom we said goodnight to mom and crawled into bed and we both fell asleep instantly with out another word 

Next morning still Liam's POV:  'ring ring ring' "hello?" "Liam it's Harry what are you doing ?" "Sleeping" "ok smart ass, what are you doing today" "I was going shopping with my sister today why" "CAN I COME!!!" He was so loud I had to pull the phone away from my ear, I'm surprised he didn't wake up Sam "damn boy what are you trying to do, I might need a hearing aid after that" i said trying to be funny "oh you'll be fine can I come?" "umm yeah call the other boys to they probably wanna meet her" "k will do bye" and he hung up dear lord what I haft to  deal with I swear, I turned around to walk up Sam but she wasn't there? I looked at the time 9:35 I took a quick shower threw some clothes on sprayed myself with axe and walked downstairs to see Sam eating C.T.Crunch at the table " morning what time did you get up?" I said grabbing some cereal myself "9:13" i nodded my head and I sat down to eat ma cereal "hey are you ok if the lads come shopping with us?" "No I don't mind"after breakfast we walked out to the car and drove to the mall to meet up with the guys  

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