Unexpected Surprise

Liam Payne has a little sister that he never knew about, when he coming home from tour he's in for a little surprise…will he take it well? When he finds her will he become over protective of her? Find out when you read "unexpected surprise"


3. Getting to know Sam and taking her home

Samantha's POV: wait what did I jus hear?! It can't be!! "Your my brother?!" " yeah our mom couldn't handle us because with my kidney and with money problems at the time " I just sat there with a shocked expression on my face…wow…my thoughts were interrupted by Liam "are you alright love?" "Yeah I'm fine i-I just would have never thought that i would have brother in a famous boy band or even just have a brother !!!! He chuckled "well enough about me tell me about yourself Sam" "well for first I'm your sister haha" he chuckled again "and…?" "I'm 13, my birthday is december 24 1999'" "thats louis birthday!!" " yeah!" I laughed "my favorite colours are blue and purple, I like the bands maroon 5 and one direction," Liam smiled when I said one direction "  I take dance, ummm I love laughing and just hanging out I'm hyper and I can't be serious when it comes to sad stuff…there are other things but I can't think of anything at the moment" "what do you take for dance?" "hip hop and jazz" that's cool" "yup" after talking to him for an hour he asked me "would you like to meet someone?" "Yeah sure who?" "One sec ill be back" and with that he left To go somewhere 

Liam's POV: after meeting Sam I found out that she's really cool, I'm adopting Sammy to bring her home I'm pretty sure she would like to see mom and mom would love to see her, I got to the front desk  "excuse me" " yes" she gave me the same smile as before " where are the adoption papers I'd like to adopt Samantha" " oh one second let me grab the papers for ya" and she pulled up a pack of papers for me to sign and gave it to me "when your done just bring them back to me" "ok thank you" " and I walked back over to Sam 

"what's that?" Sam asked me "adoption papers your coming home wit…" i didn't even have enough time to finish my sentence " oh thank you thank you thank you Liam!!!!!!!!!" I chuckled "hey anything for my little sister" and gave her a wink and finished with the papers

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