Unexpected Surprise

Liam Payne has a little sister that he never knew about, when he coming home from tour he's in for a little surprise…will he take it well? When he finds her will he become over protective of her? Find out when you read "unexpected surprise"


1. Coming home to a surprise

Liam's POV:  It feels good being home, after touring the world with the lads it's so exhausting but it's quit the experience if you ask me, I was putting my clothes away when my mom calls me down stairs  " be down in a minute! " I yelled back and finished putting away the shirt I was folding. When I reached the bottom of the stairs I saw my mom sitting on one of the couches in the living room "Liam sit down i have something important to tell you" so I walk over to the other couch slowly and sit down " what is it ? " well i think your old enough to know now that…that your not the only child in the family…you have a little sister, we had to give her up for adoption…" I interrupted my mom "so your saying you gave up my little sister i never knew i had for adoption, why?!" "i didn't have the money at the time, it was hard taking care of you both because you with your kidney we had to take care of you and it was hard keeping track of you both especially with your dad always away on business trips" my mom was in tears now so I went over to the other couch and gave my mom a hug to comfort her  "Can I meet her?" My mom pulls out of the hug "o-of course let me go call the adoption centre"and she practically ran  to the kitchen where the phone was 

after the call:  "ok so they set a time for you to go meet her tomorrow at 12:30 " "ok thanks mom" and they that I kissed her on the cheek and went up starts to finish unpacking. 

Next morning: BEEP BEEP BEEP my alarm went off at 10:30 and I clicked snooze I got up and took a quick shower got dressed in a baseball t-shirt and some jeans and my white converse and walked down stairs to get some breakfast before heading out, I opened the cabinet door to where the cereal was and grabbed the box of C.T.Crunch ( cinnamon toast crunch ) and started  eating…when u was just about finished I looked at the time and it was 11:45 'shit I'm going to be late' I mumbled to myself and left a note to my mom saying that 'ill be back soon gone to meet my sister love you, Liam' and left the house 


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