Platinum Heart

Winter Rose Ridland has always been rich. She's used to the maids cleaning for her, the butlers fetching her food, the kids at school bowing down before her, and the constant spending money--but what she isn't used to is surprise road trips. When her dad decides that it's time to send her to boarding school, the family packs up and leaves. What they weren't expecting was a freak car accident, and what Winter wasn't expecting was to survive--and more importantly, she wasn't expecting herself to be found. Will she find a way back to her old life, or will the boy who saves her show her a different one? © 2013 by beliebervision. All Rights Reserved.


12. 12: Mom & Dad

"Hi, uh, Pattie is it?" I ask as I enter the hallway to see Justin's mom still standing there. She nods.

"Yes," she says. "And who might you be?" 

I rub the back of my neck nervously. "I'm, uh, Justin's friend, Winter." 

Pattie raises her eyebrows. "Oh, well it's very nice to meet you Winter. I'm assuming that I'm only talking to you right now because Justin doesn't want to talk to me." 

I shrug. "I guess so." 

She nods. "Well, I don't blame him." she turns to me and places a hand on my shoulder. "He doesn't have to talk to me, but I just want you to let him know that I want him to make the right choice. Scooter mentioned the bet to me and I'm really hoping that he decides to-" 

Pattie is cut off by Justin who walks into the hallway and stands next to me. He grabs my wrist lightly, probably for support, and for a moment I don't know if I want to move away or not. I just smile and hope that Pattie doesn't think we're holding hands. 

"Hope that I decide to what, mom?" His voice is hoarse and I want to hug him but I know I can't. 

Pattie stands up a little straighter and tries to smile. "I want you to make the right decision and choose to make a comeback." 

Justin immediately lets go of my wrist so he can cross his arms. "You what?" 

"I want you to make a-" 

"I heard you the first time. I just wanted to make sure that I heard you correctly." he spat. "Why would you say that?! You know how much I hate the fame and everything that comes with it! So why can't you respect that I don't want to be famous anymore?" 

His mom sighs. "Honey, I know what you want. But I want you to think of others. Your crew misses you and the fans miss you! Don't you want to make them happy?" 

"I spent years making them happy and that all went to waste when I was forced to do this," he gestures to his left arm full of tattoos. "and forced to smoke this," and then, he digs into his pocket and pulls out a small packet filled with weed. My eyes widen. Why wasn't I suspecting that? Everybody knew that he smoked weed, I just didn't know that he was still doing it. "And when I was forced to do all those dangerous club stunts. I hate that! It's not me, and it's wrong."

"Justin put that stuff away right now!" Pattie says, pointing to the bag in his hand. He rolls his eyes and sticks it back in his pocket. "You know I hate it when you mention that." 

"Then why do you mention a comeback!? I hate it when you mention that!"

"Fine." she says and pushes past us. "I just hope you know what everyone else wants for you. It's a good decision." 

Justin says nothing as she walks out the door. I look over at him and he looks over at me with a smile. 

"Let's go do something that doesn't involve being famous." he says. I cross my arms and shake my head.

"Not so fast." I say. "I want to know what's up with that weed in your pocket." 

Justin holds his gaze to mine for a moment before he sighs. "I'm sorry. I still smoke it and I can't stop. It's just bad and I'm ashamed of myself for it." 

I frown. "Then give it to me." 


"Give me the packet and you wont be seeing it again. Piece of cake." 

"Winter, it's not that easy."

"It is," I say. "Just dig it out of your pocket and put it in my hand." 

He rolls his eyes and then takes out the packet and places it in my hand. I smile and stick it in my back pocket. 

"Good. Now we can do whatever you want to do." 

"I want tooooo..." he crosses his arms and pretends to think. I smile. "Go upstairs." 

I raise my eyebrows. "That's the most non-famous thing you can think of? Really?" 

Justin shrugs with a smile. "There's nothing much to do out here. Unless you want to get a private jet and fly to Florida so we can go swim with some dolphins." 

I roll my eyes. "Don't be a smart ass." 

He gasps. "Whaat? Winter, said a bad word?"

"See! There it is again." I punch his arm. "Stop it." 

"Fine." he laughs and then grabs my wrist. "Let's goooo upppstaaaaiiirrsss." 

"Wait, wait, wait." I say. "Are you sure you're not high right now?" 

"I'm not." he says. "Don't worry. Come on-" 

He starts to drag me down the hallway again but we're stopped by the front door opening. We both look back and standing in front of the door is Justin's mom and most likely his dad. I can't tell for sure though. Justin stands up straight and sets his jaw. 

"Dad," he says. So I was right.

"Justin," his dad walks over to him and places a hand on his shoulder, like Pattie did with me. "I'm just here to support you in your decision." 

Justin raises an eyebrow. "And what decision might that be?" 

His dad swallows. "To make a comeback." 

Justin throws his hands up into the air. "Of course! Wow, that's great dad. Thanks for supporting me, I really appreciate it. Especially when mom can't get what she wants, she just goes to you! How amazing!" 

"Justin, please just be rational here." his dad says as he walks back to Pattie. "We're all counting on you." 

"You guys should just let him think for himself." I say randomly, wishing immediately afterward that I hadn't. His parents seemed mad, but Justin seemed happy that I had stuck up for him. 

"Who is this?" his dad demands. Justin looks down at me and then back at his dad with a smirk. 

"This is Winter." Justin says. "And she's a real friend of mine. Probably something you guys haven't seen, since I've been famous and all."

Pattie stomps her foot on the ground. "Stop that Justin! You know that when you get back to L.A. that she can't come with! So just get money from Scooter and send her home! You can have any friend you want since you're famous--but you can't have her!"

There is a long silence. I stand there staring at Pattie, who never meets my gaze. Then, she grabs Justin's dad by the wrist and drags him out the door, leaving me and Justin alone. 

"Come on," he says. "Let's go upstairs."

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